Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Busy as a Bee!

So busy after coming back from our sugarmoon trip to London and Paris. Emails piled up... had to clear them before my email account go burst. Went back to work the next day, arrange for training schedules for my clients, etc. Overall, May was a very good month for my business.  Some updates:-

Engaged by Singapore Polytechnic School of Business to be a part-time lecturer from April to Sept.  I was very lucky as I did a seminar for the school about a year back.  One of the lecturer, Mr Andrew Lee, who happened to be the course leader for Selling and Sales Management Module, loved the way I conduct the seminars , that he called up one day to ask if I was keen to take up the offer to work as a part-time lecturer and be in charge of 5 classes of students.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Even though I graduated from NUS, Faculty of Building and Real Estate, while I was working , I took up an Advanced Certificate in Marketing with Chartered Institute of Marketing and at the same time, my working experiences were always in the area of Business Development, Marketing, Marketing Communications and Public Relations, hence Mr Lee thought that I was a suitable candidate.  After I accepted the post, he told me that in fact, all part-time lecturers have to go through an interview with the Dean but I was lucky that the Dean trusted his judgement and was happy with my CV.  It has been great interacting with my students and a lot of them will say "Hi" to me when I bumped into them in the school campus.  Being in their company allows me to learn more about the young adults of today and get to know their thoughts and the latest things they like.

My company has also won quite a number of government projects, most notably, as the grooming company for Youth Olympics Games 2010 volunteers.  Again, i will be training a group of about 270 youngsters from the various polytechnics, junior colleges and universities.  It is going to be very exciting to be part of this big event but of course, the pressure is there.

There is another great new coming up as well which I will reveal in the next post or maybe in the next few posts. I haven't had the time to prepare a press release for this new yet though.  Must really sit down and start work on that.

Wanted to post up pics which we took in Europe but super busy with work...sigh.  But this year has been great as I have managed to fulfill a few of my personal dreams and goals.  I will be using the last few months of this year to set a few more goals since my list is almost "depleted" already.

When I am stressed, I like to look at my darling baby Enzo.  He never fails make me smile.

Really can't figure out how he manages to sleep with his four legs sticking in the air but it sure is funny...hahaha!

He's trying to give me a kiss!

Now, he's licking my face.

We just enjoy each other's company.

One of my ex-colleague, Joyce, mentioned before that both me and Zozo look alike. Yes, I think so too!!

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Ju Ann said...

your doggie is an absolute natural when it comes to photo taking!! :D