Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Media Coverage in Sin Ming Papers 20 Jul 2010 Pg 5

Yet another coverage for Elaine Heng Image Consultancy but this time round in Sin Ming Papers.  The reporter, Xin Ying, contacted on around 10 plus 11 yesterday to asked me about my comments on what a Singaporean blogger wrote regarding Singaporean being rude and kurt in terms of mannerism.  The newspaper report came out immediately yesterday night.  Wow.... I am impressed with how fast the people in SPH work.

The surprising part was that Sin Ming Papers published a picture of me.  I didn't expect them to do that as I only told Xin Ying my chinese name.  I think they managed to pull out a picture of me in my crown from their database as two years back, the Papers reported an article on my win, so they had that picture already.

I'm looking forward to another coverage in NuYou Magazine Sept issue next!

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