Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Sneak Peek of My Hospital Bags

Woke up at around 7.45am today to go through my hospital bag or rather bags before I admit myself into the hospital today.  Was pretty much unprepared during the first delivery and this time round, I wanted to be a bit more kiasu.  Guess it is better to be prepared with extra stuff than having to get my hubby to bring them over last minute.

It looks like I am going for a long holiday with the 3 bags of items...lolx.  I can only console myself this way, rather than thinking of being immobilized later on.  I hate that feeling of not being able to get off the bed with the nurses coming over to check my blood pressure every 2 hours.  Nah... not a holiday at all.

My gynae, Dr Lee also mentioned no food and drinks after 9am, so I had to wake up early to eat breakfast and drink more water in case I get thirsty later on.

Here is a list of stuff inside my bags.

Besides the usual stuff which I brought along the last time, like pyjamas, undergarments, toiletries, baby's clothes, doctor's letter, marriage certificate, etc, I have included things like ipad mini +charger to keep me entertained and connected to my work and emails even though I highly doubt I will be using it for the 1st day, Medela Breast Pump (thank god it is in a good working condition after 3 years), Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter, Nature's Way Fenugreek Seed Pills, Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Milkmaid Tea, a teapot which I will ask the nurses to fill it up with milo as I have decided not to drink plain water during my confinement period and a cup for me to make my nursing tea.  I didn't prepare all these the last time and I highly regretted it.

A small bag containing baby stuff...  I bought a crochet hat for the baby and it has 2 rabbit ears.  Trying to dress the baby up... lolx.

My trusty medela swing breastpump...

Haven't tried this before yet, so not sure how it will taste like. 

This is good as it did help me increased my breastmilk but I didn't latch on much and gave up hafway.  This time round, I am determined to succeed and I bought 2 bottles of this. 

Oh... I have also bought 2 presents for Kaiser on behalf of the baby.  Gotten them from the Takshimaya fair not too long ago.  Will be giving it to Kaiser when he comes to visit me in the hospital.  I guessed it is ok to say some white lies once in a while...lolx.  Hopefully, Kaiser will like his new toys.

Gosh... gonna miss my Kaiser so much.

2 more hours before going to the hospital for admission.  I realised that I am not as nervous regarding the c-sec operation compared to worrying about the health of my baby.  I remembered I couldn't relax much after Dr Lee sew me up and the nurses pushed me back to my ward until Daddy came and told me that Kaiser is well and healthy.  Hoping everything is ok.

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