Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Post-natal massage experience...SHIOK!

I am glad I have gotten the masseur lady's contact from Rose.  I found her extremely professional compared to the previous masseur I have gotten from Origins Jamu Massage company,  Madam Rahimah is a freelance masseur who does massages including post-natal massages.  I have just started my 7 days post natal massage yesterday and I already feel she is worth the money.

Why do I say she is good?  First, Madam Rahimah has all the necessary and proper equipment for massages.

She will use her handphone to play soothing music while she does the massage for me.

She will do a proper layout with bedsheet protector on my bed so that my bedsheet won't be dirtied after the massage.

The massage oil that she used has a nice lemongrass scent which I like and didn't give me any rashes after the massage.  She explained why she used certain oil and the steps she used.

Every her hot pillow was the professional type which retain heat throughout the massage.

Her jamu paste is warm and feels comfortable on the tummy and her method of wrapping the binder is so tight, my tummy felt more toned the next day.  Her binder has 2 layers which ensures the tightness last throughout the duration.    She also reminded me not to scratch if it feels itchy as it will introduce toxins into the skin and the skin will turn red.

She encourages me to breastfeed and asked me not to give up so easily and my supply will come in soon.

Compared to the one from Origins Jamu Massage company, Madam Rahimah is 100 times better.  The masseur from Origins Jamu Massage company which I hired for my post natal massages after deliveringKaiser, used normal oil to do the massages.  Not sure what type of oil she used but it caused me to erupt into rashes.  It was so bad I had to use my own grapeseed oil and asked her to use that to do the massage.  Everytime she came, she would say she will bring her hot oil to do the massage instead but it never happened.

She didn't prepare any cloth to lay on top of my bedsheet but asked me to used my bath towel inside.

She had to use my stove to boil hot stones but the stones lost the heat very quickly.

Her jamu paste felt cold and she used only one layer of binder and it became loose after a few hours.

Now I realised how ignorant I was last time during my confinement, paying much more for such services.  Madam Rahimah charges S$525 for 7 days post natal massage package and I think it is much more worth it than the previous package which I got from Origins Jamu Massage company.


Anonymous said...

Hi elaine

Could you share the contact of Mdm Rahimah

mselaineheng said...


Madam Rahimah's mobile no is 9851 0793. Do call her early to book your appointments slots though.


Unknown said...

Hello! Was wondering for the wrap do we have to buy from Mdm Rahimah or have to self get before hand? thanks (:

Unknown said...

Hi Elaine!

I know this post was 2 years back, hehehe. But happen to stumble on it while looking for reviews on Post Natal massages. Do you know if Mdm Rahimah is still doing post natal massage? Very interested to engage her!


Unknown said...

Post pregnancy massage won't lie to you and say that the post natal weight loss treatment was super relaxing. It wasn't. But was it effective? HELL YEAH!