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Rayes Luke Lim's Two Year Old Birthday Celebration on 16 Oct 2015

My baby Rayes turned 2 on 16 Oct 2015, a couple of days ahead.  I couldn't help but look at those photos taken when he was born two years ago.  My cute little bundle of joy which weighed 4.3kg is already a toddler who can speak in simple words.  

Since this was the first time Rayes would be celebrating his birthday in his childcare centre, I was hoping to do something special for him to make it more memorable.  And I was very blessed that Cat & The Fiddle decided to sponsor two awesome gourmet cakes for Rayes' birthday celebration.  

Why are their cakes so special?  

Firstly, Cat & The Fiddle is founded by Daniel Tay and all their gourmet cakes have been expertly crafted by him.  He was 1992-1994 Salon Culinaire Silver Medel Winner, 1996 World Pastry Cup Champion and 2002-2006 World Gourmet Summit Award Finalist.  Very impressive background and experience.

Secondly, Daniel is the founder and ex-owner of Bakerzin.  OMG, I love Bakerzin cakes very much and Cat & The Fiddle cakes would definitely be on par or better.

Thirdly, I love the fact that I can DIY the gourmet cakes design with their unique add-ons and make the cakes extra special!  

ok, I got to admit the fact that I can't bake a cake and even if I can, I don't have the time to do so due to my busy schedule.  But with Cat & The Fiddle cakes, I can use my own creativity and effort to design Rayes' birthday cakes so that the cakes are unique and you can't buy them anywhere.  

I strongly recommend mummies who are looking for unique DIY birthday cakes for birthday celebration to order cakes from Cat & The Fiddle.  The company does delivery so for working mummies or mummies who do not drive, you can opt for this option.  In fact, anyone looking for unique DIY cakes for any occasions, should definitely give Cat & The Fiddle a try... You won't regret it!

To order their cakes, all you need to do is to go to their website, to choose your cake/s an add-ons for that DIY action and choose your delivery option.  It is that easy!

Let's take a look at the photos I took when those yummy gourmet cakes arrived at my house!

Couldn't wait to open the box to look at the cakes... thanks Cat and the Fiddle for this wonderful arrangement!

 These were the add-ons which I ordered.  The kids love the add-ons very much cos of the colours and crunchy feel when you bite on them.  Best part is they were not too sweet so adults will love them too.  :)

This is the DIY message stand which you can write your own well wishes to that special someone... love it!

The candles and Happy Birthday message stand for my Baby Rayes.  Since we were having two cakes, I ordered two candles.

Let's take a look at the DIY stencil and dust... This was gonna be fun!

I got the Happy Birthday DIY stencil... very cute!

This was the Queen of Hearts, with sweet and velvety strawberry glaze.  Special request from my eldest son, Kaiser Quain Lim.  He loves strawberries!

This was Fickle Feline which consists of assorted delicious flavours.  For those that can't decide which cakes to order, this would be your best bet cos you can try almost everything on the menu.

Time to pen down my well wishes to my baby Rayes.  I love him so much!

Dusting the message "Happy Birthday" on the cake using the stencil.

I think I overdid it... too enthusiastic with the icing... hahaha!

Tada.... it is done!  Very easy!

 A photo with my two cutie boys.  Rayes just woke up from his afternoon nap so he was looking a bit blur blur.

The best part of getting the cakes from Cat and The Fiddle is that you can involve the kids in the decoration and have fun.

We were very proud of our creation... so happy with the results!

Rayes' friends are coming in so we gotta quickly wrapped up the DIY and prepare the table for the birthday celebration for Rayes.

 Just look at the colourful cakes.... yummy!

My baby Rayes getting ready for his Birthday song.

The moment he saw the cakes placed on the table, he started to stick his tongue out and lick his mouth cos he wanted to eat those cakes immediately... my greedy boy!

My two cutie boys, Rayes Luke Lim and Kaiser Quain Lim.

 Our family photo together!

Photos of Rayes' friends, all ready for his Rayes' birthday with the party hats I bought.

Time to sing the birthday song!

Time to blow out the candles on those lovely cakes!

I love this photo! My baby Rayes looked so cute when he tried to blow the candle out.

Trying to teach Rayes on the art of sharing by making him give out the goodie bags to his friends.

Cutting the gourmet cakes from Cat & The Fiddle to give out to his friends as they were all feeling hungry and looking forward to eating the cakes.

My baby Rayes enjoying his slice of birthday cake.

He loved the cake so that he kept eating till he finished his big slice. ok, he did fed me some cakes.  What a sweet boy!

The rest of the children loved the cakes too.  All of them were helping themselves to the big slices of cakes happily.

Just looked at that little girl's smile.... she must have loved the cakes a lot too, like Rayes.

My baby Rayes stuffing his mouth with the cake... hahaha!

My eldest son Kaiser was very happy as well cos he got to DIY the cake design with me for his brother Rayes and on top of that, he got to eat his favourite Queen of Hearts cheesecake that comes with strawberry glaze.

All mummies who want to do something special for their kids' birthday should try Cat & The Fiddle gourmet cakes, especially if you are a busy working mummy who do not have the time or the talent to bake a cake but yet you want to give your kids a special birthday cake with your DIY design filled with love.

For Rayes' two year old birthday, I have given him something special, thanks to Cat & The Fiddle!  A few years down the road, when Mummy, Rayes and Kaiser read this blog post again, we could remember the wonderful time we had when we DIY the cake design and when we sang the birthday song for Rayes.

Check out www.catandthe to make your order online if you have any special events coming up.  They can also be found on and instagram @catandthe fiddle cakes.


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