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Gelish Manicure and Pedicure at Vanity by Nailz Treats on 20th Jan 2016

One must-do pampering session before the Chinese New Year (CNY) arrives is definitely manicure and pedicure.  Most ladies want their nails to look pretty, especially when they visit relatives and friends or when guests come to visit them.  I am no exception.

Thanks to Vanity by Nailz Treats, I was treated like a princess with their array of services from manicure, pedicure, waxing, eyelash extensions and makeup services.  I absolutely love the fact that Vanity by Nailz Treats was located at Bedok Mall which is away from the hustle and bustle of the city area and so easily accessible via MRT.  If you drive, there is ample parking space in the basement carpark.

When I walked into the salon, immediately my eyes were glued to the nailart samples that were nicely displayed at the reception counter.  I am impressed with the designs which the manicurists came up with.  This increased my confidence that they would do a great job for my nails.

On top of that, there were so many nail polishes that you could choose for your nails, from the familiar brands like OPI.

Besides nail polishes, you can purchase nail and skincare products for hands and legs, like V10 Plus water based peel, V10 Plus Okinawa mask and V3 Miracle Serum from the salon too.

OMG... Just look at the amazing nailart designs.  I quickly took some photos for reference so that I can decide on the nailart for my fingernails and toenails later. ;)

As I walked into the salon, I was super impressed by the setup.  Customers get to sit on a comfy massage chair and soak their feet in a jaccuzi while enjoying the manicure/pedicure services.  How cool is that!  And best part is, there is no extra charge for this at all.  Just nice, my back badly needed a massage.

Thumbs up for the wide selection of gelish nail polishes!

ok, time to start my relish manicure and pedicure session.  At first, I was wondering if it was difficult to get onto the massage chair cos at first look, it seemed like the only way to get up there was to climb in through the foot jacuzzi basin.  But my manicurist, Kate, showed me how ingenious the massage chair was designed by opening the side of the chair armrest to allow easy access up onto the massage chair.

Woohoo.... I couldn't wait to play with the massage chair control to try out the various functions.

Dollist, the manicurist who will be doing gelish pedicure for me, prepared the water in the foot jacuzzi.

Here you go.  Vanity by Nailz Treats never failed to amaze me with their innovative offerings to customers.  Just look at the foot jaccuzi which changes colours.  This is all about colour therapy to lift up your spirit.  Very cool indeed!

Dollist threw in a big tablet which was meant to disinfect the feet into the foot jacuzzi.

While my feet were enjoying the jacuzzi, Kate worked on removing the previous gelish nail polish on my fingernails meticulously.

While she was busy removing the gelish nail polish, I noticed that all the tools which the manicurists used were disinfected and sanitised, before they used them on the next customer.  100% marks for safety and precaution.

Kate proceeded to dissolve my gelish manicure using the remover and wrapping the nails with aluminium foil.

Dollist trimmed my toenails as they were getting too long and filed them nicely.

ok, I must admit I felt like a princess while having my gelish manicure and pedicure and on top of that, having my back massaged by the massage chair.

I loved the fact that the manicurists were so meticulous and professional in their services.  I had patronised salons and home based salons before where the manicurist just wanted to rush through their work and leave out certain procedures.

Removing the cuticles around the sides of my toenails.

Scrubbing away my rough skin on my heels.

Soaking my hand to soften the cuticles before removing them away.

Here comes one of the highlights of the gelish manicure and pedicure.

Dolts applied V10 Plus Water Based Peel on my two legs and massaged it on my leg to remove dead skin cells.  This product is better than the scratchy type of foot scrub as the skin is not subjected to harsh exfoliation.

After a few seconds, dead skin cells which appeared as white flakes were removed... yippee!  Super amazing product and you could tell that dead skin cells were removed using your naked eyes.

Afterwhich, the white flakes were washed away.

My legs were towel dried to prepare for the next step.

My next surprise came when Dollist used a steamer to steam my legs!  At first, I was puzzled but when I asked the reason why, I was impressed by the wisdom of the Founder of the salon, Roselin.

Anyone can guess the reason why?

Continue reading to find the answer... lol.

Kate explained that after this step, a mask would be applied on the legs so the steamer would help the pores on the legs to open up and allow the goodness of the mask to be better absorbed by the skin.

It is the same theory that beautician use when doing facial treatments on customers.  The beautician will use a steamer on the face before applying a face mask on your face.

After steaming my legs, V10 Plus Okinawa mask was applied on both my legs.  It was a hydrating mask and it gave a brightening skin effect as well.

Kate also used V10 Plus Water Based Peel on my two hands to remove dead skin cells.

Yucks... I had a lot more dead skin cells on my hands, judging from the amount of white flakes formed.  Thank goodness for V10 Plus Water Based Peel!  In fact, you can use this product on your face as well to remove dead skin cells so that your face can better absorb serums, moisturisers or any skincare products which you will apply after this step.

Afterwhich, the white flakes were removed from my hands using warm towels.

The following step was to mummify me...hahaha!  Ok, I am just kidding.

My legs and hands were wrapped up so that I could put them into the warm gloves which will help the skin absorbed the nutrients from the mask better.

V10 Plus Okinawa mask was applied on my hands too before the wrapping process began.

Time to wear the warm gloves.

After a few minutes, the warm gloves were removed and the mask was removed from my hands and legs.

V3 Miracle Serum was applied on my hands and legs.  This was a water based serum instead of a cream based serum.  It felt great on my hands and legs without any stickiness.

Kate proceeded to give me a hand massage to loose the knots on my fingers.

The fingernails needed to be cleared of any oils or serums before applying gelish base coat.

Nails were also filed to ensure better bonding between the nails and gelish nail polish.

Applying the gelish pH Bond as base coat.

Applying the coloured gelish nail polish on the fingernails.

Let the nailart design began!

The final results of my gelish manicure.  :)

I decided not to go for a CNY theme nailart as it might look outdated after CNY.  Instead, I settled for a more cute and girly design this time round.  I loved the contrasting colours!

In order to match my nailart on my fingernails, I chose another cute design as well.

Notice the bright cheery colors which I chose for my nails?  CNY is a joyous festive season, so such colours would be great!

Meet the lady boss of Vanity by Nailz Treats, Roselin!  She is the one standing on the right.  I had an ejoyable chat with her on her entrepreneurship journey from working in the financial industry to setting her first outlet in Far East Plaza, a few years back.  From one outlet to the current three outlets, she is very successful in this industry and she is planning for a new outlet in Clementi in a few months time.

Having some photo taking fun after my pampering manicure/pedicure session.

Kate, my manicurist, is the one standing on the right.  She is extremely meticulous and takes good care of customers very well.

Vanity by Nailz Treats is located at Bedok Mall, #B1-56, Tel: 6385 6255. 

The salon has two more outlets, Nailz Treats at Bedok Mall #B1-03, Tel: 6844 9558 and Nailz Treats at ONE KM Mall #02-46, Tel: 6702 2202.

I am totally in love with the services which Vanity by Nailz Treats offer.  Can't wait to visit the salon again to enjoy the services.

If you like to go for manicure and pedicure sessions, give Vanity by Nailz Treats a try.  Since other salons are offering manicure and pedicure at almost the same type of pricing, you might as well go for Vanity by Nailz Treats since there are massage chairs and foot jacuzzi, on top of spa treatments using V10 Plus and V3 serums.

Call Tel: 6385 6255 to make your appointment and secure your slot before someone else takes it up.

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