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TOKIO INKARAMI Hair Treatment at Kenjo Salon on 12 April 2017

When the owner of Kenjo Salon, Joseph, texted me to drop by to try their latest hair treatment, Tokio Inkarami, I was elated cos it had been a while since I last trimmed my hair and did hair treatment.  

It so happened that there was a media food tasting session in Plaza Singapura at 12.30pm, the same location as Kenjo Salon, hence I decided to try my luck to go to Kenjo Salon earlier to see if I can trim my hair first at around 11am.

Soo Bin was in the salon by then and she was so kind to trim my hair first so that I could leave around 12.15pm for the food tasting, before coming back at 3pm for Tokio Inkarami hair treatment.

Soo Bin trimmed off about 3 inches of my hair ends as I had a lot of split ends.

 Just look at those curls which Soo Bin created for me using a flat iron.  I love this soft and romantic look.

After my food tasting session, I came back and Soo Bin mentioned about changing the hair colour since the previous colour had faded to a much lighter tone and the dark roots were showing.

I was agreeable as I also wanted a darker colour this time round.  There were so many colours to choose from and it was very harder to make a decision.

 Finally I decided on a violet, red and brown mixed type of colour cos my previous colour was ash brown.

First step was to protect my scalp so Soo Bin applied a scalp protecting cream on it.

Afterwhich, she proceeded to massage it all over the scalp.

The colour was applied onto my hair carefully and we had to wait for a few minutes for the colour to settle in.

I am not sure how long it took but once Soo Bin checked the hair, she gave the go ahead for her assistant to wash my hair using Tokio IE Inkarami Shampoo.

Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment

Joseph mentioned that this hair treatment is only found in 40 hair salons in Singapore so far, hence it is very exclusive.

At the same time, it has received great rating from the high-end salon in Aoyama, Harajyuku, Ginza and it's now the most popular salon menu in Japan.

The reasons why this treatment is so popular is because of the Patent technology 'Inkarami', contains Nobel Prize ingredient 'Fullerene' and helps in 40% recovery in hair treatment.

All these results in: 
  • Amazing repair power
  • Enduring hair's strength by aggregation bond
  • Provide admirable shiny feel
  • Achieving weightless feel and dynamic hair
  • Amazing change in hair quality

Pre-Process by TOKIO 0

TOKIO 0 contains penetrating agents so that the hair cuticles are softened to allow other ingredients like keratin amino acid,  ceramide complex, hydrolyzed silk and pellicer, to moisturise the hair.

Apply TOKIO 1

Soo Bin applied sufficient amount of TOKIO 1 into my hair and comb my head to spread the product evenly onto the hair.  The "Waterfowl Keratin" will penetrate into the core of the hair, building up a base for INKARAMI reaction.

 Afterwhich Soo Bin used a hair steamer to steam my hair for 3 mins.  I kinda like this cos it felt so soothing.

Apply TOKIO 2

TOKIO 2 was applied from middle to the ends of my hair and again my hair was combed to allow the ingredient to be even spread.

Then Soo Bin and her assistant proceeded to 'kneed' my hair.  This method allows the ingredient to penetrate deep into the hair.

Apply TOKIO without rinsing hair

Soo Bin applied TOKIO 3 from mid to end of my hair and after that she and her assistant proceeded to 'pound' on my hair.  How interesting is that!

Thereafter, the hair steamer was used again to steam my hair .  This time round, the hair steaming process took about 3-5mins.

Apply TOKIO 4

The hair was rinsed and TOKIO 4 was applied.

Firstly the assistant rubbed TOKIO 4 into her palms throughly until it turned into whitish colour, before applying onto my hair.

After my hair was towel-dried,   Soo Bin applied appropriate amount of TOKIO Qing & Kueen before blowing drying it.

Soo Bin was so sweet to give me nice curls using the flat iron again.

And here you go.... my new look!  I am loving the new length, colour and of course the softness and smoothness of my hair.... yippee!

I also brought back the TOKIO HOME care products, like TOKIO IE INKARAMI shampoo, TOKIO IE INKARAMI conditioner and TOKIO IE OUTKARAMI oil treatment.

Soo Bin mentioned that these home care products help to react and interlock with the whole treatment to preserve INKARAMI effect.  Everyone who tried TOKIO INKARAMI hair treatment should get a set of these 3 products to extend the wonderful results.  I am so gonna use these products everyday from now on.

Kenjo Salon is located at 68 Orchard Road, #04-72, Plaza Singapura (New Wing).

Check out Kenjo Salon's website at for more details on the services it provides.

You can also follow them at the facebook page살롱-293791920773570/.  The salon also has an instagram account : @kenjosalon, where you can see photos of hairstyles created by Kenjo Salon.

To make your appointment with Kenjo Salon, please call +65 6238 8083.  If you quote my name 'Elaine Heng', you can enjoy 15% off all hair services as well.  

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Isabelle said...

The final hair colour is absolutely amazing. Your hair condition also looks great but your hair seemed in good condition from the start. When I go to a salon, they always somehow tame my frizz with their blow dryer. I'm not sure how they do it. By right, high heat should damage the hair, but my hair looks nice & shiny... until my next hair wash at home. :-)