Wednesday, June 14, 2017

[Media Drop/Lifestyle Review] The Targus Transit 360 Spinner

This media drop from Targus came in at the right time when the only 2 wheeled cabin size luggage bag I have is given way due to wear and tear. 

I was actually searching for another cabin size luggage to replace the current one which I normally bring along when I travel to nearby countries for a short holiday or work.  

Just nice... Targus Singapore added this 15.6” compact cabin friendly Targus Transit 360 Spinner to its latest collection!

I fall in love with it as first sight cos it looks so stylish and compact!  I wanted a durable luggage that should have wheels so that I don't need to exert too much strength pulling it around when I travel,  The Targus Transit 360 Spinner comes fitted with 8 wheels with a 360ᵒ rotation for easy manoeuvring for hassle-free travels.  How wonderful is that!  This is definitely built for travellers and suitable for small sized travellers like me... hahaha!

Targus also offer limited lifetime warranty on the luggage too!  If you want to know more details about this, you can visit  For me, this is an assurance from a brand that will always be there for me.

On closer examination of The Targus Transit 360 Spinner,  it is extremely secured with the built-in travel sentry approved (TSA) locks located on both the front and the back of the bag for all-rounded protection during travels.  So no nasty surprise of seeing your luggage pried open if you do check this luggage in and the airport screeners want to do a random check on luggages.

When I travel, I like to pack a lot of stuff for fear that I will need them during the holidays.  Designed with 38 litres worth of space and equipped with an expandable feature that frees up to 30% more space, The Targus Transit 360 Spinner allows me to move around without worrying about having insufficient space.  

The expandable nature of the luggage will come in handy when I want to stow  travel souvenirs as well as any extra miscellaneous items from the trip!  Well... almost every girl like shopping... lol!

More than that, The Targus Transit 360 Spinner features a specialized secure front padded compartment which fits up to a 15.6” laptop, an iPad compartment and fits other small items.  Yeah... this means that I can carry this for my short overseas work trips too.

The benefit of having a compartment dedicated just for your electronic items is such that all my electronic devices are kept safe and sound.  Can you imagine if I were to keep my laptop or iPad together in the main luggage compartment and my facial cleanser, toner, shampoo, conditioner, etc leak out, my laptop or iPad will be gone!

This compartment is positioned in the middle section of the case to protect against shocks and abrasions, as well as for easy access during flight travels. 


The Targus 360 Spinner and its 360ᵒ rotation feature makes it easy to pull around in any direction. Further more, the luggage comes equipped with a 2-tier telescopic handle and expandable top and side handles which allows me to move my luggage around with ease! 

The Targus Transit 360 Spinner looks so amazingly stylish and classy that I can't help but want to plan a short getaway to make good use of it!

 The Targus Transit 360 Spinner is available at the following locations here.  Time to grab one for yourself cos this is the best all-in-one compact cabin size luggage which you will ever need!

 I am so ready for a short getaway.  How about you?

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lker said...

Hope to win this Targus Transit 360 Spinner for my upcoming trip.