Saturday, April 17, 2010

Food Glorious Food in Geylang!

Food, whether it is expensive or cheap, as long as you feel satisfied after a meal, it is GOOD FOOD!

Yummy Dian Xin shop found in Geylang on a Sunday!  The place was packed with people but we were lucky to find a table quite quickly.

Located near the junction of Lor 17 Geylang and Sims Dr.  We saw a lot of cars packing by the side to tabao food back.

We ordered a fair bit of Dian Xin as the shop served quite unique ones... the taste of the rice rolls are very different from the usual ones we have even though they looked the same.

The homemade lime juice that is not served in a cup but in a takeway plastic container..interesting! But the mixture of the hot food and cold drink caused me to have a stomache after that. 

Yummy crab tung hoon!

We thought of going there every Sunday for our late morning breakfast to try out other dishes.

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