Friday, April 09, 2010

Youth Olympics Learning Centre... I was there today!!

Had a chance to visit Youth Olympics Learning Centre this morning and wow... I was amazed!  The centre consists of two levels and you get to know about the different games in which the youth athletes will be competing in.  The centre opens from 10am to 5pm and admission is free!  Do go and take a look if you are near the vicinity.  The address is 1 Kay Siang Road.

The SIngapore 2010 Youth Olympics Games(YOG) is the first ever Youth edition of the prestigious Olympic Movement, featuring 26 Olympic sports happening in 18 venues in Spore.  The event will take place from 14-26 Aug.  Those interested to attend the event but do not want to buy the tickets can go and watch non-ticketed free events like Cycling, Sailing and Triathlon.

The cute figures made of wires outside the centre

Very creative!

The 2 cute little mascots, Lyo and Merly.  Wanted to buy the stuff toys but 2 of them cost S$79.80!

Pictures of all the volunteers who will be helping out during YOG.

Trying to take a picture...the lightings in the centre made my skin look so good...hahahaha!

The background says "Our Heros" silly head covered the "H"

All the games..

Badminton representation

Hockey representation

Table Tennis Representation..and of course, Li Jia Wei!

Cycling Representation

One of my favourite representations...sailing.

Tried to take a picture tog with the yacht...failed...

Took this picture for Daddy cos this is one of his fav. game.... basketball.

Football representation

Fencing representation

Boxing and Weight Lifting representation.. actually nothing much as there are only banners.

Equestrian representation... another one of my fav. representation

Look at the horse behind... so colourful and cute!

managed to get everyone in...say cheese!!!!!!!!

ok... let's not disturb them anymore...btw, I love the boots!

wow.... there is an art gallery too.

Admiring the creative art work

Guess what this is??

This is the very important TORCH!!

Nice artwork

Look at the spontaneous emotions from them!

For those interested to buy YOG tickets, you can buy online at www.singapore2010sg/tickets
call Singapore 2010 Ticketing Call Centre at +65 63482010
At Authorised Ticket Counters Island-wide in Singpore.  Refer to


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