Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cancers and Prevention

Just read from Today Online that our local actress Pan Ling Ling suffered from Breast Cancer but she managed to overcome this...

 Local Actress Pan Ling Ling Beats Breast Cancer

Let's take a look at the top 10 cancers in Singapore:

Information from
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Very scary, isn't it?

Not many people know that cancers are caused by free radical damage.  In fact, our body undergoes oxidative stress due to ageing, pollution, smoking, UV light, metabolism, ionising radiation, inflammation etc.  All these will cause DNA damage.  However there is no way we can stop oxidative stress as metabolism, which is a process in which oxygen we breathe in helps to burn our food for energy, also causes oxidative stress.  The only way out is for us to slow down free radical damage to our bodies.

Again, not many people know the wonderful benefits of antioxidants.  Yes, a lot of people just take antioxidants because others are taking it.  In fact, antioxidants help to slow down oxidative stress and free radical damages.

Have you taken your antioxidants today?

Top 20 food that contains antioxidants
Many people do not take such food everyday and even if they do, they may not be taking enough of it.  I must confess that I am someone who won't purposely buy such food to eat.  Luckily I have Isotonix OPC-3 which provides me with antioxidants from Pycnogenol(Pink Bark Extract), Grape Seed Extract,  Red Wine Extract, Biberry Extract and Citrus Extract Bioflavonoids.  1 month of Pycnogenol from GNC or Natural Farm costs S$97+ onwards... Gosh!

I am lucky to find this cost-effective powerful supplement Isotonix OPC-3 which costs USD69.95 for 90 servings, which helps me to achieve overall general health wellness.  By the way, it helps in anti-aging too and I need that badly...lolx!

I love my Isotonix OPC-3!

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