Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Advertorial: LED Teeth Whitening Session by Lush Aesthetics

I was invited by Lush Aesthetics to try out their LED Teeth Whitening Session.  

Lush Aesthetics is conveniently located in Tanglin Shopping Centre, #06-11.  Those who are keen to check them out can drop off at Orchard MRT and walk over.  Those driving can park your vehicle at the shopping centre carpark.  

Business is very brisk indeed.  I was looking forward to the LED Teeth Whitening session as the last session I did was probably 8-9 years back.

At the start, the consultant went through the procedure verbally with me so that I understood how it would be like.

Next, she helped me to check the current shade of my teeth so that we could compare the difference after the LED Teeth Whitening Session.

 She also asked me to confirm the current shades of my upper and lower set of teeth.

Me busy deciding the correct shades of my current teeth.

 Can't wait to see the results!

ok, we have finally decided on the current shades based on the consultant's professional take.  She pulled out the current shades to show me and compare with the rest.  She mentioned that my teeth was considered pretty white but we can still see the difference... yippee!

Off we went to the treatment room.  Just look at the comfortable bed which i would be lying on for the next 45 mins.  I actually almost dozed off... lol.

Let's take a look at what is inside the room...

 A selfie to say goodbye to the current shades of my teeth!

After a blue protective gel applied on the gums, the consultant applied the whitening gel on the teeth, before shining the LED light to 'activate' the gel to achieve the whitening effect.

 I know... I looked so funny right... lolx.  Anything to achieve the whitening effect. I can't to see the results!

 After treatment, I was brought back to the consultation room to check on the shades of my upper and lower teeth to do a comparison and this were the shades we picked out.  For my upper set of teeth, the original shade was S12 and now, it had became S8!

For my lower set of teeth, the original shade was S20 and now it had turned to S14!

Time to reveal the before and after photos...let me show you the difference!

The photo right below was taken before the LED Teeth Whitening Session, while I was waiting for the consultant to get the machine ready.  Look at the colour of my teeth and scroll down to take a look at the photo taken after the LED Teeth Whitening Session...

The photo taken after the LED Teeth Whitening Session.... OMG, there was a difference even though the consultant told me that my teeth were already considered white to begin with!

I was so happy when I saw the results, that I couldn't help but kept comparing the shades.  Couldn't believe my eyes... yeah!

Do you want to have a nice brilliant smile to dazzle the whole world?  Right now, Lush Aesthetics is offering a special promotion to all my readers for the LED Teeth Whitening Session.

The original price of the LED Teeth Whitening Session is S$999 but for my readers, Lush Aesthetics is offering at a special price of S$188(before GST) only!

As long as you quote the code "LUSH-ELAINE-TW$188" in the form found in this link,, you will get to enjoy the special price!

Lush Aesthetics is also on social media if you want to find out more on what they do.

Facebook: Lush Aesthetics
Instagram: @lushaesthetics

Thanks Lush Aesthetics for giving me a bright and wonderful smile to face the world!

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