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Celebrate SG50 with Domino’s New Banana Kaya Dessert!

The sweet folks from The Influencer Network invited me and my darling boy, Kaiser to the Domino's Banana Kaya Party on 28 Jul 2015.  It was great to be able to attend events together with Kaiser as I know that he loves pizzas a lot.  One look at this, you will know what goes into the making of the Domino's Banana Kaya Dessert. So no prizes for guessing. ;)

In conjunction with SG50 to celebrate our heritage, Domino’s Pizza added to their desert menu this familiar taste with a twist – Banana Kaya Dessert. Light and buttery crust sprinkled with icing sugar. Spread with authentic pandan kaya made from rich coconut cream, fresh egg and aromatic pandan leaves, topped with oven baked banana slices. 

And because it is SG50, the delightful Banana Kaya Dessert is selling at 50% off (Limited period). Promotional price: S$3.90 (Usual price: S$7.80).

Taking a closer look at the ingredients that go into this yummy dessert...

 Here's a photo together with my lovely Kaiser.  He is such a photogenic boy!

He was extremely excited to be able to come with me for this event, that he kept asking me what we would be doing there.

Met up with Shaun, my buddy blogger who blogs on lifestyle, automobiles, food, etc.  Check out his blog at

Very grateful to William, famous award winning blogger and also manager at The Influencer Network for extending the invitation to me and Kaiser.  His blog is at

A photo with Gerald Png, lifestyle blogger and with the Influencer Network as well.  I love his ever changing hair colour.  He writes at

Here were some photos taken that day. (All Photo credit in this blog post: The Influencer Network)

All the bloggers invited were given an introduction to the Domino's new Banana Kaya Dessert and the ingredients that goes into it.

 A photo of all the bloggers invited to this launch.

 The fun started with a short Q&A sessions whereby 3 of the bloggers won a T-shirt from Domino's Pizza for answering the questions correctly.

 We were also split into 2 groups to pit against one another in 2 games.  The first game was to pile the bananas on one of the team members' head and he/she needed to walk one round and see who has the most bananas remaining on the head.  Our team won this round of competition... yeah!

Next game was to design our own Banana Kaya Dessert using the ingredients provided.

Our team decided to do a "Singapore Inspired" theme for the design.

 The final artwork!  The other team won this challenge though.

Kaiser loves bananas so much that I am very sure he will love Domino’s New Banana Kaya Dessert!

Besides the dessert, we were treated to a variety of pizzas, chicken drumlets, onion rings, etc

 My little Kaiser enjoying himself!

Just look at the Domino’s New Banana Kaya Dessert!

 The prize ceremony for the two games we played and we got Kaiser to collect the prizes for our team.

A photo with the team who worked together for the 2 games.

A photo of the other team, who won the 'Design your Banana Kaya Dessert" game.

A photo of William and Kaiser.  Thanks for taking care of Kaiser!

A fun photo with all the bloggers and the wonderful team from Domino's Pizza.

 I just love how spontaneous kid's actions are!

For all the readers out there, Complete your meal with Domino’s ‘2 Pizzas’ Deal
You can order 2 regular pizzas from only S$22 only. Beside selecting from the wide range of Pizza’s flavors, select your favorite crusts including Classic Hand-Tossed, New York Crust, Crunchy Thin Crust, Cheese Burst Crust. Try the newest Cheesy Crust, a crust that is luxuriously filled with melting hot mozzarella & coated with garlic and herbs. 5 delicious and original pizza sauces are also available to choose from, such as Sweet & Spicy sauce, Smoky BBQ sauce, Napolitana sauce and Pesto Passion sauce.

With minimum order of a regular pizza purchase, you can also add on S$2.50 for a bottle of soft drink (1.5l), S$3.50 for the Garlic Cheese Onion Rings, S$4.50 for a Chocolate Lava Cake, $7.50 for the Golden Roasted drummets (6pcs).
* Surcharge applies for Classics & First Class pizza range.

50% off All Time Favourite Sides
Available daily from 3pm – 6pm. No Minimum spending required.

  1. 1)  Chocolate Lava Cake S$3.40 (Usual Price: S$6.80)
  2. 2)  Golden Chicken (4 Selections) S$5.40 (Usual Price: S$10.80)
  3. 3)  Cinnastix S$2.90 (Usual Price S$5.80)
  4. 4)  Napolitana Baked Meatballs S$5.40 (Usual Price S$10.80)
  5. 5)  Banana Kaya Dessert S$3.90 (Usual Price: S$7.80)
  6. 6)  Roasted Chicken Drummets (6pcs) S$4.90 (Usual Price: 9.80) 

Also do remember to take part in the contest below!

Domino's SG50 Contest 

Celebrate Singapore's 50 years of excellence and heritage with Domino's Pizza Singapore. 5 lucky winners will win a pizza party worth $100. You may choose to take part on either Facebook or Instagram or even both platform.

Take part today!!!
For Facebook-
For Instagram-

Deadline:(16 Aug 2015)

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