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Advertorial: Cat & The Fiddle Sponsored Birthday Cakes for Kaiser's 5th Birthday Party!

I have never believed in spending a bomb to hold extravagant birthday parties for my kids as I want them to appreciate the simple things in life and that special days are meant to be spent with people who care for them the most, whether they are rich or poor.

Every year, my two boys will have their birthday celebrations in the childcare because they have friends there and every kid simply loves eating cakes and receiving party goodies.  

This year is amazing as Cat & The Fiddle founded by Daniel Tay, award winning entrepreneur, generously sponsored a total of 4 cakes for both Kaiser and Rayes' birthdays.  This kind gesture meant so much to me as being a single mum of 2 young boys, even though we can survive comfortably, I am still worried about the future.  I think of the 'what if' questions a lot.  So any amount of money saved from now, can go towards the kids' education funds.  

My sincerest thanks to Cat & The Fiddle for making the boys' birthdays wonderful!  

Kaiser is a big fan of Thomas and Friends so for his 5th birthday party celebration, we definitely must have a Thomas and Friends birthday party theme.  Follow me as I demonstrated how as a parent, you can create special birthday party theme for your kids using Cat & The Fiddle yummy cheesecakes and DIY decoration.

I love how the cakes and DIY decorations can be fitted into a nice brown carrier bag by Cat & The Fiddle.  For Kaiser's birthday cakes decoration, I ordered the following:

1 x Cat and Friend DIY Stencil
1 set of Colour Flame Candles 
1 X number 5 candle
1 x Message Stand with Pen
1 x Knife
1 x Jumbo Red Hearts
1 x Rainbow Sprinkles
1 x Mini Hearts
1 x Golden Balls
1 x Silver Balls

These are the DIY decoration add-ons which Kaiser has personally chosen.  This boy has a mind of his own now.  I love the colourful add-ons as they contrast nicely against the surface of the delicious cheesecakes.

I chose the colourful candles as I knew how much the boys love to blow out candles on the cakes. so the more candles, the merrier... lol.

How can we leave out the signature DIY stencil with the icing sugar, right?  I chose this signature design so that Kaiser's birthday cake design would be totally different from Rayes's birthday cake design.

To me, the message card is a must because this is where I could pen down my inner thoughts and best wishes for my darling Kaiser boy.

Halfway through writing a message to Kaiser...

My thoughts and wishes from the bottom of my heart... Mummy will always love Kaiser... and of course, Rayes too.

Those yummy cheesecakes were sleekly placed in nice and sturdy cake boxes so that they were easier for me to bring to the school later on.

The Modern Duke's Pudding-oreo cookies cheesecake... my favorite and also one of the popular ones which customers buy from the online store:

Queens of Heart-red and velvety strawberry cheesecake... Kaiser's favorite.  For Rayes' birthday, he helped his little brother choose this cake.  For his birthday, he decided again on this cake too.  This was how much he loved eating this!

Guess what I am trying to design? ;)

Not a ladder though.... lol.

After I have done the preliminary design, I proceeded to his childcare centre with the cakes and DIY decoration materials and continued with the decoration of the cakes there.

Decorating the Modern Duke's Pudding-oreo cookies cheesecake first by using the DIY stencil.

Teaching Kaiser how to using decorate the cake first so that he can join in the fun.

Kaiser helping to hold onto the sieve, while I tapped it so that the icing sugar can fall onto the cake faster.

Yeah... we are done with part of the decoration!

Next up, we decorated the cake with the add-ons.

Kaiser enjoyed being able to decorate his birthday cake the way he wanted it.

His classmates came back from the washroom and all crowded around us to see us decorating the cakes.

And yes.... I was also wearing a Thomas and Friends design top for his birthday party... lol.

Some finishing touches to the cake...

And here we go... A Thomas and Friends' theme birthday cake with mouth-watering cheesecakes sponsored by Cat & The Fiddle.  All I did was to buy two trains each costing S$5 and we nailed the birthday party theme!  Instead of spending huge amounts of money buying those 3D design birthday cake, I got to save lots of money and Kaiser got to decorate his very own birthday cakes and achieving the birthday theme he wanted so badly.

I have also prepared Thomas and Friends stationary sets for his friends as party goodies.

I got Kaiser to put the candles onto his own birthday cake.

A photo with his two yummy birthday cakes!

Photos with his cute adorable friends before we sang the birthday song.

Before we sang the birthday song, one of his friends helped Kaiser to button the top button on his shirt cos he said it would look nicer.... awwww.... so sweet!

Time to light the candles and it was party time!

Just look at my two cute boys!

Time to sing the birthday song for Kaiser.

See... I knew the boys loved to blow out candles.  Luckily I got the colourful candles

Time to cut the cakes and share with his friends.

While I helped Kaiser cut his cakes, Kaiser and Rayes helped to give out the party goodies to the friends.

The class teacher Fifi arranged the kids to sit at the tables so that they can enjoy the cakes.

Kaiser gave the cakes out to his friends.

Everyone was busy settling down while my baby Rayes already started eating his cake... lol.

My dear Kaiser sitting at the table together with his friends enjoying the cheesecake.

All the kids love the cheesecakes so much!

Top number one supporter of Cat & The Fiddle cheesecake is Rayes!  He's the first one to finish his slice of cake and asked for a second helping.


All of Kaiser's friends loved the strawberry cheesecake so much that they asked for a second helping. I was so happy that the kids went for a second round and I cut the oreo cheesecake for them.

My two cutie boys enjoying the cakes... Just look at the smile on Rayes' face... lol.

Kaiser got his wish of getting a Thomas and Friends train track set as a birthday gift.

Thanks Cat & The Fiddle for the kind sponsorship of the cheesecakes for Kaiser's birthday party!

For parents who are keen to do something different for your kids' birthday, you can consider what I did for Kaiser's birthday by decorating cakes from Cat & The Fiddle with the theme that your kid loves.

Cat & The Fiddle cheesecakes can be purchased from  There is free delivery if your order is min S$120.

Besides birthday parties, you can also order the cakes from them for other types of celebrations too.  Best part is that you can DIY the cake design yourself. :)

Wishing my Kaiser boy forever happiness!


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