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Advertorial: Scalp Restoration and Hairgro Treatment at BioRevive HairGro Center on 11 Dec 2015

One of human's greatest fear is hair loss.  There are many reasons why men and women start to lose their hair.  One of the reasons is due to overall aging.  Many people may notice mild thinning of hair starting from their 30s or 40s onwards.  Another factor could be predetermined genetic factor.  Illnesses, emotional issues, strict dieting, hormonal level changes, like during pregnancy, puberty and menopause could also lead to hair loss.  Several health issues, including thyroid disease and iron deficiency anemia, will also cause hair loss.

Many people lose their confidence when they start to see obvious bald patches, a lot of hair on their pillows, in the sink or see their hair dropping out at an alarming rate when they comb their hair.

It is important to keep the scalp at a tip top condition so that there is no blockage at the hair roots caused by sebum, which will cause the hair pores to get constricted and after a while, kill the hair roots, causing hair to drop out.

Some treatments include injecting small amount of steroids to stimulate hair growth, taking medication, applying hair growth products, spraying 'hair building' fibre to make the hair look thicker.  In some mild cases, people can comb over the affected areas, wear hairpieces or even shave off all the hair. 

I am very fortunate that I haven't experience this issue yet but prevention is always better than cure.  So when Lydia, the gorgeous owner of Bio Revive HairGro Center approached me to review their 2 hrs Scalp restoration and Hairgro treatment, I said yes straightaway.

The treatment started off with a detailed hair scalp scan using a machine by the hair therapist, so that I can take a look at the current condition of my hair scalp.

 The hair therapist scanned different parts of the scalp to get an accurate reading of the scalp condition.

These are the results of my scan.  According to the hair therapist, the top part of my scalp tends to be oilier and has more blockage of the pores due to the sebum.

Yucky.... look at the clogged up pores.

Next up, a hi-frequency wand was used on the scalp area to cleanse the area, get rid of follicle blocking bacteria and promote blood circulation.

 It was not painful or hot at all.  Psychologically, it felt good to know that bacteria is being killed... lol.

A special oil was massaged into my scalp to simulate blood circulation.

Afterwhich, Bio Growth Hair Oil, a hair tonic by Bio Revive was applied to my scalp.

I looked at the product benefits and was very impressed by what the oil can do for the hair follicles.

 The hair therapist meticulously massaged the oil into my scalp, making sure that all parts were covered.

After this step, the scalp was going to be steamed to increase the absorption of the oil into the scalp.  A paper towel was wrapped around my forehead to prevent any condensation of the steam from dripping into my eyes.

This was funny.... I looked like an alien but I would do anything for better scalp condition ya.

 Look at the steam generated from behind.

After the steam, a special blended hair mask was applied to my scalp, to draw out the impurities and cleanse the scalp.

After applying the mask, the scalp needed to be steamed again to absorbed the nutrients from the mask.

After 20 mins of steaming, the mask was washed off from my scalp.

After the hair is blown dried, we went back to the detailed hair scalp scan machine to see the condition of the scalp after treatment.  The scalp looked better, cleaner and less oily compared to the first scan.

For scalp treatments, one time is definitely not enough.  To keep your scalp in the best condition, it is good to constantly go for scalp treatments, at least once a month to cleanse the scalp throughly.

If you are keen to try out the 2 hrs Scalp restoration and Hairgro treatment, which I went through, check out the center's website at  The center is also on Facebook:

BioRevive HairGro Center is located at Novena Square 2, #B1-132.  It is opened daily from 11am to 9pm and the last appointment is at 7pm daily.  Do give the center a call at +65 6397 6322 to make an appointment today and keep your crowning glory in tact!

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Chelsey Xue said...

I also go for some hair growth treatment because parts of my hair is alway thinning. I did try those hair products that promises to restore some of your hair, but is actually not a great deal of help. So I did some of the treatment offered by hair centre (Laofoye) in the metro and is actually satisfied with their services. I like the fact that they really have a good customer service there. Now my hair is growing healthy and beautiful.