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Gelish Manicure and Pedicure and Eyelash Extensions in Vanity by Nailz Treats on 27 April 2016

Gelish Manicure and Pedicure Session 

I was back in Vanity by Nailz Treats to get my monthly dosage of gelish manicure and pedicure session by my favourite manicurist.

Those following my blog would have read my experience in Vanity by Nailz Treats.  If not, you can check out:

Nailz Treats
Reception Counter at Vanity by Nailz Treats
 As the staff was extremely busy that afternoon, I had the opportunity to take some photos of the cozy setup.

If you are a fan of OPI nail polishes, then you are in luck.  Vanity by Nailz Treats carries a wide range of OPI colours and you probably will have a hard time trying to decide on what colours for your nails instead.  You can alway ask the friendly manicurists for recommendations.

OPI colours

For those who love to do your own foot spa at home or like to use handcare and footcare products, Vanity by Nailz Treats also retails products for you to take back home.

Hand and Footcare Products

Let's move inside the shop to take a look where customers get to sit when they come for manicure and pedicure.  This is a spot for customers to relax while enjoying their manicures.

This got to be my favourite space of all.  This comfortable chair is actually a massage chair in disguise... woah!

I love the fact that my back gets a good massage while my legs and feet get a nice soak and rub.

The owner of Vanity by Nailz Treats is very thoughtful to install such chairs for customers to relax while enjoying their manicure and pedicure.

The massage chair

I always go for gelish nail polishes as they are more lasting and do not chip off badly.  The shine is lasting even after 4 weeks.

Gelish nail polishes

There are also a variety of gelish nail polishes to choose from.

Gelish nail polishes

I love the manicurists here as they are super friendly and experienced in doing manicure, pedicure, waxing and eyelash extension.

Time for a soak off of the previous gelish nail polish before the manicure and pedicure began!

The manicurist carefully snipped away the crystals on the previous design before the soak off.

Making the surface rough by buffing away some of the gelish polish.

The good thing about Vanity by Nailz Treats is that I always have two manicurists to work simultaneously, one on my nails and one on my toes, so that the time spent on manicure and pedicure is shorter.

My nails were wrapped in aluminium foil while the soak off solution worked in its magic to dissolve the gelish nail polish.

soak off

After the previous nail polish was removed, the manicurists proceeded to cut my nails shorter as per my request, filed them to the square shape which I liked and pushed the cuticles back before trimming the dead skin away.

 This step is always a love-hate relationship as I love how smooth my soles feel after the scrub but it always feel so ticklish for me... lol.  I was trying to keep a straight face all the time.

The manicurist put a drying agent to prepare my nails for the gelish base coat so that it would adhere better to the nails.

The other manicurist applied a lavender foot scrub to remove my dead skin cells on my legs.

 And the scrubbing started.

The manicurist took great care to apply the gelish base coat.

 Once that was done, she proceeded to apply the gelish nail polish on certain fingers.  I didn't know what design to go for hence I told her to choose whatever she felt would suit me and she said, "let's go for Spring/Summer colours!"  I agreed since I love sweet colours from Spring/Summer season too.

The  careful painting continued with a play of colours.

Soon after, the manicurist brought out this airbrush machine... Interesting!  Hhmm... what do you think she wanted to do on my nails? Read on to find out!

Airbrush machine

The other manicurist was busy working on my toes.

A coat of protective layer around the nails was applied to prevent staining of the fingers before airbrushing began.

My manicurist chose the sweetest Spring/Summer collection of colours for my nails.  Thank you very much!



Check out this video I made while the manicurist sprayed the gelish nail colours on my nails.

This was the first time I tried airbrushing and it was so fun!  I loved how the colours appeared on my nails!

Airbrushing in progress

My feet and legs were also well taken care of as the manicurist wrapped them in warm towels.

In the midst of the manixure... couldn't resist taking photos of the cute nails.  

 My legs and feet were given a through massage to relieve all the stress and tension from standing and walking.

The manicurist handprinted cute flowers on my nails meticulously.

You must have very steady hands and artistic flair to do all these manz.  So glad the manicurists in Vanity by Nailz Treats are very experienced.

 Me looking curiously at how the manicurist did the drawing on my nails.

A bit of sparkles for the nails were applied on some of the nails.

 A gold line was drawn before crystals were added to some of my nails to add the additional glam.

A close up of my gelish manicure using airbrushing technique for some of the nails.  I'm so loving this!

Eyelash Extensions

 While I was there, I also went to remove my eyelash extensions, before putting on new ones again.

My previous eyelash extension before removal

My original eyelashes... lol.
After the new eyelash extension
The side view of my new eyelash extensions

This time round, i requested for a dolly look with more lashes so that they were more lasting.

Vanity by Nailz Treats is currently running the following promotions: 
1. S$68 for 120 strands  (Usual price S$128)
2. S$98 for unlimited strands.  (Usual price $158)

Promotion is ending soon so quickly make your appointment now!

Vanity by Nailz Treats is located at Bedok Mall, #B1-56, Tel: 6385 6255. 

Call Tel: 6385 6255 to make your appointment and secure your appointment.

Vanity by Nailz Treats is located at Bedok Mall, #B1-56, Tel: 6385 6255.

The salon has two more outlets, Nailz Treats at Bedok Mall #B1-03, Tel: 6844 9558 and Nailz Treats at ONE KM Mall #02-46, Tel: 6702 2202.  I heard that Nailz Treats will be opening one more outlet in the west so those staying in the west are in luck!

I am totally in love with all services which Vanity by Nailz Treats offer.  Can't wait to visit the salon again to enjoy the services like manicure, pedicure, lash extension and waxing.

Call Tel: 6385 6255 to make your appointment as they are pretty packed everyday.

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