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Ombre Hair Colour and 5 Step Scena Plus Mucota Hair Treatment at Kenjo Salon on 28 Sept 2016

You know that your life is blessed when your hair salon sponsor, Kenjo Salon's owner, Joseph watsapp you to quickly drop by the salon to do the latest 5 step Scena plus hair treatment, a new exquisite treatment from Mucota.  It restores hair internally using ingredients found in hair itself.

As such, we quickly set an apppointment for this hair treatment with Soo Bin, my personally assigned hair stylist from Kenjo Salon, as she will be in London for two weeks soon.

I mentioned to Joseph over watsapp that I was considering to colour or highlight my hair as well as some hair issues which I was facing.  Joseph immediately texted me back saying that Soo Bin can do something for my hair colour and the salon has some hair products for me to try.  

I love Kenjo Salon so much for always taking such good care of me and my crowning glory!

So here I was back in Kenjo Salon.  After discussing with Soo Bin on the hair colour, I proceeded to take a photo of myself before my hair transformation... lol.

My hair was washed clean before the hair colouring process started.

Next my hair was blown dried.  It was so nice to get a wash and blow while relaxing away reading magazines.

 After my hair was dried, Soo Bin took over and started to section my hair to colour my hair.

And.... my dear readers, I decided to do something very different.  For the first time, I would be doing ombre hair colouring.

What is ombre hair colouring?  Basically, Soo Bin only coloured a short section of my hair ends and she chose magenta red for me.

 Joseph mentioned to me that Kenjo Salon is one of the very few salons that use Flamboyage stickers for hair colouring procedures.

Basically these are clear stickers so that the hair stylist can see exactly where the colours are applied so that the hair stylist won't need to guess where to apply the colours and the ombre effect will look awesome!

See how Soo Bin applied the colour to my hair by using the Flamboyage sticker.

 ok, the ombre colouring is completed and you can see where the colour was applied up to.

After that, a machine was put above my hair for the colour to settle in.

 Meanwhile, Joseph brought along 3 items, namely Davines NaturalTech Rebalancing Shampoo, Well-Being Conditioner and Energising Lotion.

NaturalTech is a product and treatment system specifically designed and formulated to solve the most common problems of scalp and hair.

Rebalancing Shampoo is a normalizing and rebalancing shampoo for problems of excess sebum production.
How to use:
Gently apply to damp hair, leave on for some minutes, then rinse.  Repeat application if necessary.

Well-Being Conditioner is a moisturising conditioner for all hair types.
How to use:
After shampooing the hair with shampoo, eliminate excess water and apply the product to lengths and ends.  Leave on for 2-3 minutes, then comb.  Rinse thoroughly.

Energizing Lotion is treatment for fragile scalps and hair that is prone to falling out.  It stimulates skin microcirculation.
How to use:
Apply to shampooed hair and massage into the scalp until it is completely absorbed.  Do not rinse off.

After certain timing, my hair was washed to remove the remaining hair dye.

After the hair was shampooed, we started the 5 Step Scena plus hair treatment.

This is a new exquisite treatment from Mucota that restores hair internally using ingredients found in hair itself.  It is specially formulated for asian hair types with advance Nano CMC plus (Cell membrane Complex), nano moisturizing amino acids, lipids and proteins.  The new advance CMC plus penetrates through hair layers effectively and replenishes lost CMC, restoring hair internally.

Step 1 is PH Balance & Detox by using Ethos to apply to the hair.  Basically, it is aftercare for chemically treated hair.  It helps detox and neutralize residual agents left from chemical treatment, thus preventing further damage.  Silk proteins and creamed further improves hair condition.

Afterwhich, it was rinsed off.

Step 2 is Scalp Spa which is using Essence Scalp Cream and applying to the scalp.  It adds moisture by replenishing the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of your hair and scalp.  Restores the slight acidity of hair and scalp that tend towards alkalinity.  Effectively prepares the scalp environment for treatment and protects it from irritation.

Afterwhich, a special comb was used to comb through the hair to force the moisture into the hair shafts.  After this step, my hair was rinsed with water.

Step 3 is Adel which is Moisture Base Treatment that creates ideal conditions for treatment by deep hydration and restoration of natural hair elements.

It contains various elements which penetrates deep into the hair structure; mimicking natural moisture retention elements that makes hair soft and hydrated.

Step 4 is Brava which is Intensive Hair Repair.  It repairs a wide spectrum of damaged hair, creates a net-like structure in hair that prevents essential elements from flowing out and improves texture.

Final step is is Step 5, Calore is basically Lustre Protect & Seal.  This step protects cuticle by restoring hydrophobic surface.  Prolongs treatment effects in hair via super lipide; coating the outer cuticle with a 7-layered lamellar liquid crystal nano-structure and creating a pseudo-cuticle, keeping hair shiny, smooth and silky.

And we are almost done!

I love how my hair looks... shiny and silky!

Soo Bin did some hairstyling for me and my hair looked so romantic.

Thanks my beautiful Soo Bin for making my hair so pretty!

Kenjo Salon is located at 68 Orchard Road, #04-72, Plaza Singapura (New Wing).

Check out Kenjo Salon's website at for more details on the services it provides.
You can also follow them at the facebook page살롱-293791920773570/.  The salon also has an instagram account : kenjosalon, where you can see photos of hairstyles created by Kenjo Salon.

Good News!

Kenjo Salon is now offering 15% off for customers as long as you quote 'ElaineHeng'.  Give it a try if you want soft and silky hair!  I love the ombre hair colour service as well.

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