Friday, February 24, 2017

The Launch of the Lovemarque Diamond by Love & Co. in Partnership with De Beers’ International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR)

Just take a look at the wonderful sight that greeted the media and influencers when we reached CHIJMES Hall where the launch of the new Lovemarque Diamond by Premier jeweller Love & Co. in partnership with the International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR); a De Beers group company, took place.

That vintage bridal car grabbed everyone's attention immediately and all of us wanted to grab a photo with it.  Luckily I was there earlier so I managed to get photographed with it, before the sky turned dark.

The CHIJMES Hall was decorated as if there were going to be a church wedding that day.  The whole concept was so well executed that I was in awe when i stepped in.  I must say, the whole place was so dreamy and romantic!

 I loved how the catwalk show has a storyline to it.  Compared to the usual fashion catwalk shows, this show drew everyone's attention as we looked at how the couple's love life evolved through the years. 

As the storyline unfolded, the models modelled the latest pieces of jewellery with Lovemarque Diamonds.  I was lucky to be able to grab a front row seat, thanks to the lady boss, Eileen, of Touch PR and Events, who told me that I could sit down first while waiting for the fashion show to begin.  I ended up being the first one to grab a seat and of course, I chose the seat with a good view... hahaha!

The fashion show was just so breathtaking that I sat there, admiring the glittering jewellery worn by the models.

Each Lovemarque Diamond bears the inscription of the Love & Co. exclusive Rose Hallmark and IIDGR’s unique ID number. The inscriptions are completely invisible to the naked eye, made possible with IIDGR’s proprietary inscription technology.

Part of the world’s leading diamond company and combining 120 years of diamond industry experience with the innovative technology solutions developed in-house at De Beers, IIDGR has a rich heritage and provides accurate and consistent assessment services for naturally occurring diamonds in laboratories based in the United Kingdom, India and Belgium. On top of a certificate issued by IIDGR, each diamond will carry the independent approval of the Société Générale de Surveillance which ensures compliance with the most stringent international diamond grading standards. 

Each Lovemarque diamond is stringently and responsibly sourced. Cut to perfection by master craftsmen with over a decade of experience, each Lovemarque diamond attains the highest cut grade – Excellent by IIDGR and achieves the highest grade – Ultimate for light performance, independently assessed by Sarine Technologies in accordance to four parameters – brilliance, sparkle, fire and light symmetry.

Committed to quality and excellence, Love & Co. also conducts rigorous checks of 50 additional parameters to ensure that the stringent standards of the Lovemarque diamond are met. 

As part of the Lovemarque diamond launch, Love & Co. showcased a 28-carat diamond rough specially imported from Antwerp, Belgium, the most transparent and strictly controlled diamond trade center in the world. Lovemarque Diamonds are responsibly and ethically sourced, adhering to the World Diamond Council Kimberley Process. Only the finest diamond roughs can be cut and polished to become a Lovemarque diamond.

Among the wide array of exquisite Lovemarque diamond jewellery that were showcased during the event, one of the key highlights included a 25.38 ct Lovemarque necklace – the Eternal Voyage, an opulent masterpiece of flawless and the finest craftsmanship. 

Made with 459 pieces of diamonds and worth over S$2.7 million, it is inspired by the timeless beauty of a Rose, and an expression of the perfect union between two. Radiating from the centre diamond, a 10.03 ct, E colour, VS1 clarity, triple Excellent Cut Lovemarque diamond, the twirls and curves intersects gracefully to create a remarkable play on the diamonds, representing multiple phases of a romance journey till eternity.

Combining exquisite design in meticulous craftsmanship, this stunning piece exudes finesse and elegance like no other.

The new LVC Journey setting was also unveiled. A sophisticated setting designed with four hearts that represent stages of a love journey – the courtship, the proposal, the wedding and the celebration of anniversaries. Complemented with diamonds by the side, the Lovemarque diamond is elevated to create an extraordinary show of light. 

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