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[Media Invite/Lifestyle Review] Launch of OSIM uStiletto

As an image consultant conducting training for schools and corporate companies, I spend a lot of my time standing and walking in high heels, so when OSIM extended an invite to check out its latest leg massager called uStiletto, I was curious to find out more about this leg massager to see how it can help me.  I have a love-hate relationship with high heels.  Even though wearing high heels makes me look taller and more elegant, it also comes with a price to pay like having tired feet and legs especially around the ankle, arches of the foot and calf, and not to mention strained back or backache.

 Just look at this dreamy romantic sight that greeted all the guests when we walked into the OSIM HQ function room located at the top floor of the building.

The place was transformed into a princess-like castle with hues of romantic pink and dreamy white all over.  Even the reception counter looked so 'magical'.  Really appreciate the effort OSIM put in to make this event so out of the ordinary.

Even the dessert spread looked so gorgeous!

 The cupcakes were shaped into stiletto shoes... how cute was that!

But more importantly was to check out the star of that evening... OSIM uStiletto!

There are a total of three fashionable artistic designs featuring stylish heels to reflect individual personalities.  It is the first OSIM product employing Hydrographics Technology i.e "water transfer" printing technology to create a high-quality porcelain-like translucent finish with design that easily fits into any modern home interior. 

OSIM uStiletto 

'Homemaker' has a caring and sensitive nature that brings warmth and joy to the people around her.  Her passion lies in culinary art, home decor and hospitality, providing loved ones with a sense of comfort and belonging.

The 'Homemaker' treasures and values relationships.  She especially loves hosting friends at home with her cooking.

Life motto: There's no place like home.


With a jovial and fun-loving personality, 'Kawaii' lives and enjoys life to the fullest.  She never fails to carry her signature sunshine smile that brightens up any rooms.

The 'Kawaii' believes that life should be adventurous yet meaningful.  With a positive outlook in life, she is the joyful influence amongst her friends, bringing optimism and liveliness wherever she goes.

Life motto" 100% positive vibes!


Exuding an aura of sophistication, 'Elegant' signifies confidence and elegance.  The persona is a lady who possesses a unique and exquisite taste, enjoying the best things life has to offer.

The 'Elegant' takes charge of her own life.  Not only is she every man's dream girl, she is also the exemplar that women look up to.

Life motto: A woman's calling is to be confident and gorgeous.

With three designs to choose from, you can decide which one goes best with your personality, preference and of course the decor of your house.

Want to make a guess which one I brought home at the end?

The guests were divided onto two groups and I was the first group that went into the uStiletto Experience Zone section that was curtained off to keep the suspense.

Lo and behold, we were ushered into a section where we had the first hand experience testing out the OSIM uStiletto.

We had the chance to test out 3 different programmes, namely pamper, beauty and reflexology.

It was a wonderful experience as the beautiful room was appropriately dimmed and nicely scented with soft music playing in the background, while I enjoyed the pampering massages by OSIM uStiletto.

We were also served with TWG tea after the session for a totally relaxed feel.

After the message session, we proceeded to another room which was brightly illuminated as our next activity was watercolour painting. 

I was a bit nervous as I wasn't a super artistic person to begin with.

Clayrene, the instructor taught us some water colour pencil techniques, like Dry on Dry+Water(1 tone), Dry on Dry +Water(2 tones) and Dry on Wet (Graded Wash)

After about an hour of colouring and painting, my 'masterpiece' was ready!  What do you all think?

It was indeed a remarkable experience as I had not done any painting or colouring since secondary school.

Now the big question is... which OSIM uStiletto did I bring home?

And.... I chose 'Elegant' as I am the type who likes to take charge of my own life instead of depending on others.

I am amazed by the fact that uStiletto is so light that I can lift it up using one hand, which also means that it is convenient to move it around the house or office too.

OSIM's latest leg massager, uStiletto is specially developed and designed to provide a thorough and pampering massage of aching legs & feet with its ‘S-Tone Airbags’ and ‘S-Care Rollers’

Besides providing soothing relief of muscle aches and strains, the uStiletto helps to beautify the legs by reducing water retention, reducing the appearance of varicose veins, toning and tightening the muscles – perfect for people on the go all day, even in normal footwear; especially for ladies in high heels.
The unique design of OSIM uStiletto gives the legs a snug embrace from the toes, all the way up to the calf, resulting in a perfect fit. 

You get a great selection of gentle strokes or vigorous massage which brings almost instant relief, as uStiletto soothe away the day’s tension and aches. 
Gentle, yet firm compressions from strategically placed airbags around the calf, foot and ankles, stimulate circulation while the strategically positioned reflexology rollers under the foot arch, heel and toes, help knead away the day’s aches and strains.
OSIM uStiletto programs are tailored specifically for women who wear high heels. There are five auto massage programmes designed to suit individual preferences:
1. Pamper
·   Combination of gentle and comfortable massage techniques soothes discomfort arising from wearing stilettos – the perfect choice for users new to leg massage.
2. Relief
·   Emulating the agile kneading and pressing massage techniques of a professional masseur, this programme relieves the tension accumulated on tired legs and ankles after a day of walking on stilettos.
3. Beauty
·   Intense airbag massage improves circulation and metabolism in the legs, reducing water retention, toning and tightening muscles, achieving healthier and beautiful legs.
4. Reflexology
·   For health and better well-being through foot reflexology; stimulate vital reflex points to enhance circulation and the curative effects of massage
·   For people who like stronger reflexology massage, such as high heels wearer who have a regular massage regime
·   Strong reflexology massage helps improve metabolism for better well-being, giving you a healthy glow.
5. Sleep
·   Gentle and soothing, relaxes body and mind for a restful beauty sleep

For each of the above programmes, there are three speed-intensity settings for the airbags and rollers. There is also a warm setting for added relaxation of the muscles.

If you are like me who are always in high heels and want some pampering moments, buy one OSIM uStiletto so that you can enjoy comfortable massage anytime, in the comfortable of your own house.

Limited Period Pre-sale Exclusive: Use my code <OSIMKOLtw9rib> at to enjoy exclusive offer off the uStiletto from now till 30 May! uStiletto is also available at these selected OSIM roadshows, try it today!: Suntec City, Outside Gudetama Restaurant (Now till 4 Jun)

Takashimaya Interior Department, B1 (Now till 29 May) 
Causeway Point @ Level 1 Linkway (29 May till 4 Jun)
Waterway Point, outside Charles&Keith (29 May till 11 Jun)

For more information on uStiletto:

Heard that prices are only going to go up, so do grab it fast!

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