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[Media Invite/Lifestyle Review] My Little Genius Exclusive Blogger Open House Event on 14 May 2017

What better way to spend Mother's Day than at My Little Genius where it hosted an exclusive blogger Open House event, including a trial class for Rayes and Kaiser.

The place was neatly set up for a short presentation by Teacher Gene from My Little Genius so that all the parent bloggers can have a better understanding with regards to My Little Genius Programme designed for 1 to 5 year olds.

We were there early hence Kaiser and Rayes got to play in the 'Lego' corner.  The boys were already having a great time before the Open House started.

I took a peak into one of the classrooms and love the fact that the number of students per enrichment class ia about 6 or less, given each student per personalised attention from the teacher.

The Open House event went on to a good start as the children were treated to a Balloon Sculpting workshop and learnt how to make a flower using balloons as a present for the mummies for Mother's Day.

The end results... I think the parents also had a great time watching their kids make the flowers too!

After the balloon sculpting workshop, the parent bloggers went through a presentation by My Little Genius teacher Gene to understand more about the programmes which it offers.

My Little Genius Programme

It is a multi-dimensional, thematic-based whole brain development programme.  By using dual languages, it enhances language stimulation of various sensory systems of the brain.

We also learnt that 90% of a child's brain development happened before age 5.  Brain development is 'activity-dependent'.

And it is important to start young as repetition strengthens a synapse connection and rarely used synapses are pruned away.  Hence explaining the fact that flashcards are often used in enrichment classes for kids.

mpared to 3 tStages of brain development starts from 0 to 3 years old where it is more right-brain dominant, compared to 3 to 6 years old, where there is a transition from right to left-brain dominant.  From 6 years old till adulthood, it is more left-brain dominant.

If you are a parent looking for enrichment classes for your kids, then My Little Genius is a good option as it has well-trained teachers who are passionate and encouraging.  The parent-accompanied programme ensures quality time spent, interaction and guidance from teachers.

After the talk by My Little Genius teacher Gene, there was an exclusive introduction to Theo10, where the founder introduced to us some of the products which his company formulated which are safe for both babies, kids and adults.

We don't need to use a lot of the products for it to achieve its efficiency.  See.. just a bit will do for the Theo10 Skin meant to smooth skin after insect bites, nasal congestion and minor cuts and burns.

All the parent bloggers got sample products for the above Theo10 range so that we can go back to test and use it.

Thanks to My Little Genius, all the parent bloggers and the kids got to enjoy an afternoon tea party, before the kids went through a trial class.

My Little Genius Trial Class

These are the trial class highlights:

  • Greeting songs -Introducing discipline in a fun and encouraging way
  • Flash Cards-The rapid flashing of pictures and concurrent verbalisation of words helps in the Right Brain Activation, which encourages maximum utilisation of a child's photographic memory.
  • Eye Training-Relaxes a child's eye muscles (optic nerves) and increases a child's peripheral view.
  • Photographic Memory-Improves a child's spatial recognition, increases a child's brain capacity, develop phenomenal attention to details.
  • Finger Play, Flash Card Songs, Brain Gym-Develop strong eye-hand-leg coordination, brings about music appreciation and perfect pitch, mindful techniques help with relaxation.
  • Mazes-IQ enhancement, critical thinking, enhanced problem solving skills.
  • Science Experiments-Appreciation of Science, wide exposure to different topics in order to expand a child's knowledge.

The kids got a wonderful surprise in that they were all given a Certificate of Achievement... yeah!

Overall, It was a great event as all the parents and kids enjoyed themselves throughly.  My Little Genius has various programmes targeting different age groups.

Genius PlayGroundTM (1-year olds)

Genius PlaygroundTM exposes the child to many forms of brain stimulation, especially focusing on stimulation through the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Memory, visualisation and gross/fine motor skills games are played during lessons to enhance the ability of the right brain. Children and parents are also introduced to sign language to learn important keywords to reduce the stress during communication between parents and one-year-olds.

One parent or caregiver is required to accompany the child during lessons.

Genius ImmersionTM (2-year olds)

Genius ImmersionTM reinforces the skill sets learnt in Genius Playground to the child at a higher degree of difficulty. This is one of the fundamental keys of Brain Training for Children. The child is exposed to games and activities which enhance creativity, imagination, memory and problem-solving skills, while developing his/her fine motor skills.

One parent or caregiver is required to accompany the child during lessons.

Genius ExplorerTM (3-year olds)

Genius ExplorerTM further hones the superior skill sets established in Genius ImmersionTM. To satisfy the inquisitive nature of the child, simple Science concepts will also be introduced to him/her through experiments. Such exposure to Science will set the necessary foundation for the mental development of Children as they enter primary school.

One parent or caregiver is required to accompany the child during lessons.

Genius LeadershipTM (4-year olds & 5-year olds)

Genius LeadershipTM exposes the child to more advanced and in-depth activities. More advanced memory, problem-solving and motor skills games are introduced to the child while more emphasis is placed on IQ to further increase the child’s intelligence at My Little Genius. Such skills will serve the child well as he/she prepares for kindergarten and primary school.

One parent or caregiver is strongly encouraged to accompany the child during lessons.

My Little Genius is currently located in two venues:

Jurong East
Address: 135 Jurong Gateway Road,
#04-355 Singapore 600135
(above NTUC Fairprice opposite Jurong East MRT station)
Tel: +65 650 7050

1024 Upper Serangoon Road,
Singapore 534762
(5 mins walk from Kovan MRT station)
Tel: +6287 7637

Do give the centres a call to find out more and register your child for the enrichment programmes today!

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