Friday, September 03, 2010

Meetup with Michelle and Her Family on 11 June 2010

Finally met up with Michelle and her family after we visited her in KKH after her delivery on day 2.  Baby Keith has grown bigger and Jade is still as cute as ever!  We met them in Tampines Mall to have dinner, followed by dessert, ice-cream in Hagen Daaz.

We went to Tonkichi for our dinner.

As Michelle and her hubby needed to fetch Jade from nursery, we went into the restaurant first and started to camwhore first..hahaha!

 That's Baby Keith in the background.  Michelle asked me if I want to carry him to take photos, but I didn't want to disturb him from his comfortable bed.

Daddy's dinner

My dinner.

Me, Michelle and Jade in Hagen Daaz.

Cute lil' Jade pretending to dig her nose while daddy took a photo of her.

So cute!

Both Jade and Keith look very much like the father...copied from the same mould!

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