Sunday, September 05, 2010

My Paper/Lancaster Savvy Beauty Workshop on 4 Sept 2010

Did a talk for My Paper/Lancaster Savvy Beauty Workshop on sat at SPH News Centre, Auditorium for 180 participants.  Each participant paid S$20 nett which included a goodie bag and refreshments.

Daddy and I reached the venue at about 110pm and had some time to take photos with the banners.

Opening slide for the event

After I briefed my model, Ivy, and went thru' the sequence with her, we waited for the event to start.  While waiting, Daddy took pics again.

A pic with Lancaster in the background

Celebrity Host, Evelyn Tan.  She was very polite and sweet, unlike a lot of other so-called celebrities, who think highly of themselves.  Called me Ms Heng but I asked her to call me Elaine instead.

She mentioned all the promotions for Lancaster before the workshop started.  Daddy said that she is a good host.  Her English was impeccable.

While waiting for the workshop to start, I chatted with Ms Mchelle Ong, Paris-trained Senior Training Manager, Lancaster.

ok, my turn to go on stage.  I was the first speaker as the organiser felt that my topic will make the workshop start on an interesting note.  My topic for the day was LOOK SMART, STAY STYLISH, whereby I talked about the ultimate fitting check and the season's must-have wardrobe, ending off with a mini fashion show.

Invited participants up on stage to go thru' the fitting checks.

The mini fashion showcase using clothes loaned from Tangs+Co.  The model of the day: Iris Wong.  She did the walk while I did the narration and we made a fabulous pair.

Office Wear

Casual Wear

Evening Social Dates


The purpose of the fashion show was to showcase how a few attires can create different looks.

Evelyn came up on stage after I ended my presentation and introduced the next speaker, Ms Michelle Ong.  She talked about the all-in-one power regime for radiant and youthful-looking skin.

All the 3 speakers were invited to go on stage for a panel discussion with Evelyn.

It was fun!

The last speaker was Ms Bibi Chan, Dietitian and Directir of Eat Wise.  She talked about the essential daily diet for glowing skin.  I can't imagine that she just gave birth one month ago!

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