Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Lovely LV Shades

Bought this pair of shades in Paris during our London/Paris trip in April/May this year.  The LV stores in Spore are selling this pair at about close to S$900.  My heart was tempted to buy it when I saw this in Spore but my head told me that it is too expensive to buy so I didn't really think about it much till I went to Paris and saw it again.  It was going at S$600 plus. Super cheap compared to Spore.  Didn't hesitate and grab it in my fav colour.

Funny thing is I forgot all about this sunglasses after I got back to Spore until Daddy reminded me about it.  He is eyeing this for a while...hehehe!

I love how the LV monogram design can be seen on the lens but when you wear it, it doesn't affect the vision at all.  You totally can't see it.  Amazing!!

I love the shape of this pair of sunglasses as well.  It is an aviator fav!

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