Thursday, June 04, 2015

A Special Invitation to Charity Wine Pairing Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to my dearest bff, Celestia Faith Chong, who is also Mrs Singapore Community Service Queen and Mrs Style Essence 2014 from the Mrs Singapore Pageant 2014!

Let me trace back on how we met...

We met each other due to the Mediacorp Maybe Baby Event which was on 5 Oct 2012.  I was approached by the owner cum good friend, Danielle of Spring Maternity for this event and engaged by Mediacorp to train the mummy models to catwalk and choreograph the whole show.  It was so fun to know all the mummies models and sharing tips and one of them was Celestia!

A photo taken while waiting for the mummies models to get ready with their makeup and hairdo.
Elaine Heng Image Consultancy was the official company to train the models for the catwalk and choreograph the entire catwalk show
Anyone can recognise who she is? Ivy from Mediacorp FM93.3.  I am so impressed with her command of English and Mandarin!

Here is my dear Celestia together with her 3 wonderful cute angels!

Gorgeous family!

Look at them posing like professional models!

My group photo with all the mummy models and my makeup artiste.  Celestia and I were standing next to each other on the far left.

Time flies and fast forward to 2015 (ok, I hope I still look young after 3 years...lolx).  Myself and Celestia have become very good friends and are also working together on the unFranchise as well.

I was one of the selected few to attend her Charity Wine Pairing Birthday Party last Saturday happening at Pasta Fresco located at 30 Boat Quay.  Thanks my dear!

The restaurant was newly renovated and it was also a preview of the second floor whereby there was a cozy area to sit, eat, drink, be merry and of course, to do our part for charity.

The amazing menu for the night... Looking at it makes me want to drool!
The food and wine is so glorious... I strongly recommend everyone to come and try it out... no regrets!
The welcome drink.  I asked the server if the drink contains any alcohol but she refused to tell me and ask me to try it instead... lolx.

The four selected bottles of wine which will be paired with our food that night... omg... can't wait to experience the magical moments when the right food meets the right wine.  It is like falling in love once again!  
Our very cute Sommelier, Nicholas, who explained to us about the wine. Thank you so much!
I was one of the first few to arrive and met up with these two gorgeous and friendly ladies:
Director of Globotop Pte Ltd: Ms Quynh Le-Tan

Director of Nucleo Consulting Pte Ltd: Ms Sandra BeBe Yeow
That's our very talented Emcee for the night.. Herbert Liu. Anyone who needs an emcee for events, please contact him. He has a very deep and sexy voice that will mesmerise everyone.

Our appetiser for the night... gosh.. such a huge portion and I love cheese so much!  Cheese with wine is the ultimate  enjoyment... thank you Pasta Fresca!
Let's not forget the wine which was paired with the appetiser... Refosco(2012)-Pecorari
A wifie with our Birthday Girl and Mr Alan Tan, Managing Director of Rasel Catering Singapore.  He told us that his company just bought over Purple Sage six months ago.  People, please go support!
He is such a friendly person without any of the "I am the boss" attitude.

How can we forget Chloe, Celestia's pretty daughter?  She was so sweet... kept coming over to my table to call me and talk to me.  
The lovable Clovelle, Celestia's youngest daughter in the middle.. both of them are such sweeties that i wish I have cute daughters too.

Then I realised that Chloez wanted to get close to this gorgeous young man sitting next to me.  Girls, Scream!  Presenting to you... Keanu Reeves, the younger version-Carecci Luigi, the son of Mr Salvatore, the boss of Pasta Fresco Da Salvatore Pte Ltd, that owns the restaurant.  When his dad dropped by to say hello to everyone, he told me that he is the owner of the restaurant.  So for a while, I was confused as Luigi was introduced to me as son of the boss of the restaurant.  Then I asked Allan and I realised how humble Luigi is.  I 'tested' Luigi again and he was so shy to admit that that is his dad... lolx.  ok, single ladies out there, please send your resumes to Luigi... the ladies at our table ganged up together to grill him and he said that he is still available.

That's Mr Salvatore, Luigi's dad. Friendly and generous to sponsor the venue.
A wefie is a must with our very beautiful birthday girl!
I had the privilege to be at the same table with the beautiful winners of Mrs and Classic Mrs Singapore winners 2015.  Drum roll please... presenting to you all-
Mrs Singapore Globe 2015: Mrs Sheetal Kaur (far left)
Classic Mrs Singapore Universe 2015: Mrs Stella Teo(centre)
Ms Singapore International World 2008: Ms Elaine Heng (far right)

Let's not forget Classic Mrs Singapore Planet 2015: Mrs Lisa Ng!

ok.. back to food... pasta!  My favorite.  Luigi was explaining to us that the pasta is fresh pasta hence when it is cooked with the sauce, it absorbs really well and taste so much better than pasta that we bought off the shelves.  Looking at this picture makes me so hungry!

The wine that went so well with the pasta...makes me want to drink this again.

A photo with Aunt Doris, Celestia's supportive mummy.  I like her very much too... so friendly.
How can we forget our very hardworking photographer that day? Director of Jwalking Studios: Mr. Herbert Julian. Anyone needs photography service... you know who to call.

The very sweet lady, Ying Yih, who gave up a prestigious job in auditing to start her own online business,  She is so full of life and so friendly.  See the next picture... the sweet corn bird nest shot that made all of us wanting for more.

This shot is the sweetcorn birdnest, which tastes heavenly.  You can just order it freshly cooked from her online store.  Elixir for the skin indeed! 
And I found out that Sandra was the first lady who won the Subaru challenge!  It was such an honour to talk to this lady whose determination is so admirable.  I don't think I will even have the courage to take part in the Subaru challenge at all.  I really salute her!

The unforgettable dessert... I love them so much!

I simply love this sparkling wine-Moscato-La Caneva Dei Biasio!  It goes so well with the desert!
The birthday girl giving her heartfelt speech

A blessed and happy family!

Lastly, I want to thank my dear bbf for inviting me to her Charity Wine Pairing Birthday Party!  It was a fantastic night with gorgeous people in the house, while we get to do our part for Charity! 

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