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Plantur Hair Care Range Private Launch at J's Salon in Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

Sweet Invitation from Laura, Golin

Was pleasantly surprised when I received an invitation to attend a private launch of Plantur, a Germain hair loss shampoo series at 

J’s Salon
Grand Copthorne
Waterfront Hotel
392 Havelock Road Level 3

As an image consultant, I think it is great to understand more about this hair loss issue which a lot of women are facing in Asia, hence I accepted the invitation to learn more from the two guest speakers that evening.

Guest Speaker One:

Dr Pirkko Brusila from Germany.  She is a Gynaecologist and was here in Singapore to educate women about hormonal changes (stress, age, pregnancy) and its effects on a woman’s body, including hairloss. 

Guest Speaker Two:

Dr Alvin Wong, Medical Director, SKN MediAesthetics,  who shared the characteristic of hairloss in Asian women.

Plantur Launch Event

Here I was at the J's salon.  In fact, I know June, the lady boss many many years back when the salon was located in Goodwood Park Hotel.  So, I was very excited to know that I can meet up with June again!

The spacious reception counter which you see when you walk in.

A glimpse of J's salon before walking into the private event area inside J's salon.

Here she is... Laura!  The sweet Senior Manager from Golin who invited me to the private launch.  She is super friendly and so pretty.  We started chatting and I asked her how she managed to get my email address.  She said she sent an email through a contact box which I created on my blog while she was searching for social media influencers and saw my blog.  Gosh... I can't believe I am consider one. *blush blush*

I also met up with Dorothee Lienau, the 3rd lady from the left, who is the Regional Business Development Manager of Dr Wolff Singapore Pte  Ltd, the company that brought in the Plantur range of hair products.  

Virginia, the 2nd lady from the left, is a blogger(check out her website at  In fact, she told me that we have met many years ago in another event. Alamak... I am sure a muddlehead with a poor memory as I age.  Just couldn't recalled which event was that but I was still glad that we got to meet again.  

I sat next to this cute blogger, JiaHui, who blogs at Check out her blog too!
She is such a sweet young thing who just graduated from school and when she saw this photo, she told me that I looked like her younger sister instead.  I think I am decades longer than her... lolx.

But before we start the event, we were all fed with delicious food, catered from Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.  Yes, we were all very well taken care of.  Very sweet of Dr Wolff Singapore Pte Ltd to make sure that our tummies are filled before we sat in for the talk.

Laura did the introduction by giving us insight into a new survey initiated by Dr Wolff and carried out by Nielsen in Singapore.  According to the survey, as many as 90% of Singaporean women agreed that hair loss affects their self-confidence and of those suffering from hair loss, 1 in 2 even felt depressed because of it.

First speaker was Dr Pirkko as she explained Hormonal hair loss accounts for 70 to 80 percent of all hair loss, and becomes more common as we age because of the onset of menopause.  As women reach the age of menopause, hormone levels become unbalanced and interfere with hair growth. Before menopause, based on a large share of female hormones (estrogens), a woman’s hair roots are protected against male hormones (testosterone). After menopause, this share of estrogen decreases and the influence of male hormones increases. As a consequence, the hair becomes thinner, falls out prematurely, the scalp becomes visible and the hair line recedes.

Conclusion: Most ladies will start losing hair as we age... omg. I don't have to lose my hair!!! I decided to do a quick edit using my iPhone to see how I look like without hair.

ok... I know I am not very good with this editing photo bit and I need professional coaching on Photoshop. Who can catch me on that?

Anyways, I don't want to lose my hair when I reach menopause.... Help!!

Second speaker is Dr Alvin Wong, Medical Director, SKN MediAesthetics.  I must admit he is a very good looking doctor so I must do justice by posting more of his cute photos up here. 

Dr Wong told us that another misconception is that hair loss only affects older women. This is not true at all. “Hair loss of women in their 20’s to 30’s is due a variety of factors, including hormone imbalances, emotional and physical stress”, said Dr. Alvin Wong.

Which means... I might experience hair loss even though I have not reached menopause yet!  Double blow!

Ok... so what is the solution?

Plantur 21 and 39 Hair Care Range to the Rescue!

The Plantur 21 and 39 hair care range by Dr Wolff Research have recently made its way to our shores and provides Singaporean women with an affordable and effective solution for their hair loss. They are even specialised and catered to women of different life stages, younger women and mature women respectively. Plantur 39 is specially formulated with phyto-active ingredients that protect the scalp from the consequences of menopausal hair loss.

These two hair care ranges sound great so the next step is of course to try it out.  A special hair spa treatment was arranged for us in J's Salon exclusive area after the talk and it was limited to only 8 bloggers, with 4 bloggers first.  June gave me the special privilege to be the one of the first four as I know her personally.

Just look at this magnificent exclusive cozy area set aside for hair spa.  The moment I walked in, I felt so relaxed as if I am waiting in a tropical rainforest setting but with comfortable sofa seats while ! enjoyed the 'Tai Tai' hair spa experience with Plantur hair care products.

The best part was that the sofa seats were arranged in such a way that they overlooked the Singapore River. What an amazing view!

I was offered by the shampoo lady, the Plantur 21 hair care range to use for the hair spa.  Thank god, they didn't think that I was old enough to use Plantur 39... lolx.

The shampoo lady started off the hair spa by pining up my hair and giving me a shoulder massage.

Afterwhich, she proceeded to shampoo my hair with Plantur 21 Nutri-Caffeine Shampoo, which combats poor hair growth.  It contains conditioning agents that repair the externally stressed hair.

Next is of course, hair washing time.  

Followed by applying Plantur 21 Nutri Conditioner.  The duller the hair, the greater the stress, the more important it is to treat the hair after shampooing.

After rinsing off the conditioner, I am back to my comfy sofa seat to experience the application of Nutri-Caffeine Elixir.  This scalp tonic provides protection from an energey deficit in the hair roots, thereby preventing premature hair growth disruptions.

Of course, I can't leave the salon with wet hair so one of the hairstylists blow- dried my wonderful smelling hair.

I was offered the freshly brewed Red Date Tea with cookie.  What a sweet gesture from J's salon!

Wefie of me and the cute hairstylist from J's salon.  He looks Japanese though.  

And definitely a must wefie with June, the sweet and generous lady boss of J's salon!  It was great to be able to catch up once again and she said if they have any events coming up, she will invite me to attend.  Very nice lady!

And I got a big goodie bag from Plantur.  Guess what is inside? *Hint- they are great to prevent hair loss.

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