Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Two Secrets to Achieving the Korean Look...

A lot of people have commented recently that I am looking more like a Korean nowadays.

Let me show you a photo of how I used to look like.

This photo was taken in Sept 2014.

This photo was taken in Jun 2015.

So what is the difference?  What are the two secrets if you want to look more Korean like?

First secret.... tweak the shape of your eyebrows.  Koreans' ladies are sporting the straight eyebrow look.  But again, do take caution as not everyone suits the straight eyebrow look.  Take a look at the chart which i downloaded from the internet to explain this.

So basically not everyone is suitable for the straight eyebrow look except for the oval and long face shape ladies.  So again, do not blindly follow the trend but to work with your own face shape and choose the most suitable eyebrow shape.

As both my eyebrows have always been shaped into high arches since the age of 20, I needed an expert to help me to change it to a shape that best suit my face shape as highly arched eyebrows are not suitable for my oval face shape.

I decided to approach Highbrow located at Star Vista to see if they can salvage my eyebrows.

These are just some examples of the brows which you can choose from.  Andy, the Creative Director, will look at your face shape and advise what shape best suits you.  As my face shape leans more towards the oval face shape, Andy advised that my eyebrows should not be too straight and it should have a slight arch.

After consultation, he proceeded to draw out two different type of eyebrow shapes, one on each brow.  As my eldest son, Kaiser, was with me, I asked him which brow shape looks best for me.  He chose one and Andy also agreed that it looks better on me than the other one.

 After which, Andy proceeded to do his magic....

Cute eyebrows on the way... but I need to look like Crayon Shin(蜡笔小新)first.

Me and my darling Kaiser.  He has good taste, choosing the right eyebrow shape for me.

My lovely boy waited patiently for mummy to finish her beauty routine.

Almost done... can't wait to see the results.

Bought Kaiser a cupcake cos he was so sweet to wait for mummy without throwing any tantrums.

This photo was taken on the day after I did the eyebrow embroidery to change the shape of my eyebrows.  I requested for a darker colour as based on experience, the colour will fade to a lighter tone.

This photo was taken about a week later.  It is still looking good!

A few weeks later... me with no makeup.  Eyebrows are definitely important, if it is a no makeup day. The colour on the eyebrows will slowly fade away as eyebrow embroidery is not permanent hence it is still necessary to draw your eyebrows but it makes the job much easier.  But which cosmetic brand should you go for and what type, ie. eyebrow pencil or powder is better?

Secret No 2.... For this, I chose Motives Cosmetics Essential Brow Kit bought from
Details of this product can be found here:

What I love about this kit is that it is customisable and natural.  It contains wax to sculpt the brows and two powder shades for a natural look.  Best part is it is paraben free.

With the two powder shades, I can choose to have a darker eyebrow colour or lighter colour depending on my overall look that day.  Sometimes, I mix the two colours together to achieve a third colour.  I prefer to use powder to draw eyebrows as it looks so much more natural than eyebrow pencil.

The wonderful thing of this kit is that it comes with a small angled eyebrow brush, so that you don't need to buy a separate one.

Using the lighter shade of eyebrow powder to draw my eyebrows.

Using the darker eyebrow powder to draw my eyebrows for a different look.

Mixing both colours together to achieve another colour for my eyebrows.

Yup... so these are the two secrets.  Want to know more makeup tips?

Just for my lady readers, I am going to organise a free makeup 101 session this coming Sunday, 28 Jun 2015, at 3pm, to share more makeup tips to achieve a flawless look.  I am going to keep this a cozy session hence it is only open to 5 readers, on a first come first serve basis.  Drop me an email at to reserve your seats, before 27 Jun, 12 noon.  Venue will be revealed to confirmed guests.  See ya!


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