Friday, March 12, 2010

CNY 16 Feb 2010

Trying to capture pics inside my baby blue car, while on the way to Daddy's boss's condo in Bukit Timah to "bai nian"
Nothing much to do while daddy is driving, so decided to take photos

Finally managed to capture a better picture.

Not very good with manicure but I guess this looks ok.  One of those few times when I wear the diamond ring given to me by Daddy.  I prefer to wear big chunky rings and always get "scolded" by Daddy for not wearing this one.

A picture with Daddy's boss's 2 year old daughter, Themis.  She is super intelligent.  Can string complete sentences and read diffcult words.  I'm amazed by her.  Hopefully my future kids can be as smart as her!
We went to 313 Summerset to do some window shopping and had our lunch in the Food Republic.
Look at the big prawn!

We walked to ION Orchard and spotted this display.  Decided to take this for good luck..hahahaha!

Decided to rest and relax at Fruit Paradise.  We love the fruit tarts that they serve in the Raffles Shopping Centre Branch, hence decided to spend the rest of our day here, enjoying the tarts and tea.

Daddy bought 2 new Wii games to play.

Took some pictures using the self-timer mode.  Gosh... I look so fair compared to Daddy.  What a contrast!

ok, these 3 pictures look better without the flash.

Nothing to do while waiting for our freshly baked fruit tarts, so we took pictures again.

Daddy busy studying his Wii game manual while sipping his sangria tea.

Me enjoying a cup of sangria tea.

My fruit tart finally came.  This is a new creation but forgot the name already.

Daddy attempting to stab the tart cos he was too hungry!

This is daddy's fruit tart. Don't fancy bananas on the tart but it looks really nice so decided to take a picture with it.

Still prefer the tarts from the Raffles Shopping Centre branch.  The tarts from ION Orchard just do not taste as good.

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