Friday, March 12, 2010

Resorts World Sentosa 5 Mar 2010

Decided to bring Daddy along to Sentosa to "gai gai" since I have to do a training for an insurance company in one of the hotels there on 5 Mar 2010.  Wow... Sentosa has changed so much since we last came here.

This is the iconic big globe for Universal Studio.

Daddy is trying to support the globe.

Infront of the ticket counters

Even the signboard looks cute.

In front of Lake of Dreams.  Think it will look better at night.  Designed by 4-time Emmy award-winner.

Daddy is forever so busy, answering his hp.

The first casino in Singapore.

Sure win victory sign in front of the casino..hahaha!

Resorts World Sentosa looks like overseas resort.

Managed to take pictures together.

Hall of Treasures-a 2 storey journey which allows you to experience an array of visual and aural splendour-crafted exclusively by Jeremy Railton.

The status is so tall, I look like a dwarf besides it. 

A picture infront of the first Victoria's Secret store in Singapore.  Too bad the range is so limited...only lingeries, sweat shirts, night wear and accessories hence I didn't buy anything from there.

The Adam and Eve Landmark

Ooopss.... caught on camera molesting Eve!

We have decided to take a break and have our lunch at Osia, a contemporary Dining Concept restaurant in Crockfords Tower.

The service was perfect.  We were ushered to sit while the server arranged for a table for two.

ok... I looked weird with the pose but that's the restaurant's signboard btw.

Our menu for luncg.  We decided to go for 3 course since Daddy doesn't like cheese.

A toast to a wonderful day.

Daddy showing off his fav. Ferarri tee.

ok, I know the above pictures show the wrong way of eating breadroll, so I decided to kiss my bread roll instead.

A kiss before I break you into small bite size.

Osia has an open kitchen concept but we don't smell like food after we left the restaurant.

Our breadrolls tasted good with olive oil and black vinegar.

This is Daddy's appetiser...thin slices of beef.

Guess what?  It is served on a piece of slab.

I think mine was better...fois gras.

Daddy is on the line again.

My main course...healthy fish.

Daddy's main course was lamb.  He said he wanted to copy my pose so hhmmmmm.... I think I did better..hahaha!

We both order the warm chocolate soup with black pepper ice-cream... terribly sinful and filling.  Daddy said he loved this.  I prefer my appetiser.

Walking past the luxury stores in the Galleria.  None of the things catches my eye, except for a soon to be open Chanel store. Nv mind, we are going to Paris soon so I think I will buy from there cos it is cheaper there.

We have decided to walk to Hard Rock Hotel and spotted this Harley Davidson.

Taking pictures of our reflection as we took the elavators in Hall of Treasures.

Taking pictures from the other entrance of the Casino.

Final pictures of our tour.

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