Thursday, March 25, 2010

In ION Orchard on 22 Mar 2010

On our way to collect my 4 free pairs of the latest Freshkon Mosaic contact lenses from an optical shop in Wisma Atrium. 

Daddy in his fav tee-puma ferrari

No makeup so I'm wearing shades...hahaha!

After collecting the lenses, we ended up in ION Orchard foodcourt.. .deciding what to eat for lunch

Daddy decided that we should have Ba Ku Teh for lunch

Daddy's eyes are very small so he was trying to open his eyes big big to take pics...hahaha!

Daddy trying to act cute...

Look at the spread of food we had.  Daddy was trying to open his eyes big big again!

Verdict: Not as good as the one along Jln Sultan road... 

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