Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Looking for Freshkon Alluring Eyes Contact Lenses Wearers for Focus Group Meeting on 20th Mar 2010

I love Freshkon coloured contact lenses for the added sparkle and change in eye colour!

Helping my corporate partner find Freshkon Alluring Eyes Contact Lenses Wearers for Focus Group Discussion.

Date: 20 Mar 10
Time: 10am – 12pm
Criteria: Existing FreshKon Alluring Eyes wearer
Remuneration: 2 months FREE Alluring Eyes + $50 transportation allowance.

For more details, please email me at elaine@elaineheng.com with your contact details if you satisfy the above criteria.

Come and join me and other ladies for this focus group discussion!
Looking at the effect of the different types of coloured contact lenses on me!

My supply of Freshkon contact lenses FOC from my corporate partner and also part of winning a beauty contest some time back!
I love Freshkon Alluring Eyes... make my eyes look bigger!

I'm wearing Freshkon Alluring Eyes in black.

Wearing Freshkon Colour Fusion in brown

Wearing Freshkon Colour Fusion in Grey

Wearing Freshkon Colour Fusion in blue



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Makiyo Momoko