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Emirates Singapore Derby 2016 Soars to Greater Heights

Emirates Singapore Derby 2016

No prizes for guessing where I was on 10 Jul 2016.  Even if I were given a choice to be somewhere else, I would still choose to go for the Emirates Singapore Derby 2016 at the Singapore Turf Club, one of the most anticipated events on the local racing calendar.  Thanks Jessie and Hong Peng for the kind invitation!

This year was very different because for the first time in Singapore Derby history, there were two public roadshows which boasted a series of fun-filled equine activities and interactive sessions with horses at lifestyle destinations over two weekends, before culminating in the running of the Group 1 Emirates Singapore Derby over 2,000m on turf at the Singapore Racecourse on Sunday, 10 July 2016. 

Race Excitement and Glamour Goes Hand in Hand on Derby Day

Besides being a premier racing event, Emirates Singapore Derby is also a covetable social event as well.  Here you will be able to see ladies all dressed up to the nines donning their hats and fascinators, while gentlemen wore smart looking suits.  This adds to the glamour factor to match he exhilarating action of the thoroughbreds vying for the $1.15 million prizemoney in the final Leg of the Singapore Four-Year-Old Challenge.

Even though the dress code for ladies was 'elegant dress', I decided to be a bit different from the rest by wearing a nicely fitted bustier top with a gold belt matched with a pair of white pants.  

As for my headgear, I picked a black coloured hairband that had some ruffles at the top and a white pearl.  

Since my ensemble was all white, I chose to go with a pair of colourful heels with golden studs to add some colours to my outfit of the day.  My Hermes Birkin bag with a cute dangling accessory in a horse shape which was just apt for this occasion!
My outfit of the day
My bag of the day
Transportation was provided from the main entrance of Singapore Turf Club near the taxi stand to bring us to the Marquee located on the same level as the race track.  Thanks so much for the kind arrangement!  I doubt I could walk far in my four inch high heel shoes... hahaha!

Just look at our happy faces!  With Tony, food and lifestyle instagrammer and Leong and William, famous lifestyle influencers.
 After a short ride, we reached the Marquee, where we were greeting by a wonderful sight.  The Marquee offered such close proximity to the pulsating racing action that I couldn't wait to see the horses in action and take some instagram worthy shots.

Thanks William for taking this photo for me!  The sky looked so clear... nice weather to be out under the sun.

The Marquee in Singapore Turf Club 

When we reached the Marquee, many were already there to catch the action by purchasing the Emirates Singapore Derby Marquee Package at S$98 (early bird discount before 30 June) or S$118 (normal price) per person.
Racegoers enjoying their buffet spread while waiting for the race to begin
Leong looking intensely at the 21st Emirates Singapore Derby Official Programme booklet  
We were treated to a lavish buffet spread and free flow of beverages like wines, alcohol and soft drinks.  Lucky us!  Looking at the photos make me salivate already.

Part of the spread
One of my favourite soups... French onion soup
Japanese food was available too!
Live station for beef
The bar where drinks are concorted.
Dessert station with fresh fruits, cakes, bread pudding and ice jelly
Close up shot of the tandoori chicken
Close up shot of the rendang lamb
Seafood paste on bread
My favourite dish... cereal prawns
Broccoli with mushrooms
Racegoers had a chance to take part in the Emirates Prediction Contest and stand a chance to win a Chopard watch for the Emirates Singapore Derby race and an Emirates cardholder for the other races on that afternoon.

I decided to try my luck to predict the winners for the races.  Wish me luck!

Trying my luck!
Racegoers can also bet with real money at the betting counters, conveniently located inside the Marquee at both ends.
Betting counters inside the Marquee
While we were waiting for the next race to start, we enjoyed the afternoon with glasses of wines and amazing food.

A glass of wine on a well spent afternoon at the Emirates Singapore Derby
Just look at the awesome food we got to eat!
I went for two bowls of French onion soup!
Besides catching the intense racing action just steps away from the Marquee, it was great to bump into friends and other social media influencers and bloggers who were invited to the event.

Andrew Chow, a plus-one guest of a invited influencer.  We were connected via Facebook and it was great to meet in real person.
Sandwiched in between two gorgeous influencers/blogger friends, Kaiting and Claire.  Oh boy, if only I were a man that day!
Always great to hang out with them!
Special thanks to Hong Peng for his kind invite to this event.  Our birthday is just one day apart!
I have actually known Feliza for many years since 2006 where we took part in a contest together.  Great to see her again!
After taking many photos with friends, it was time to take some photos of the horses in action. I was so lucky to get a vantage position that gave me close-up views of the intense racing action just steps away from the Marquee.

 I could feel the excitement in the air as the horses appear on the tracks doing their warm up exercises.
Jockey riding the horse to the starting gate
Horses doing their warm up routines before the actual race starts

Let's ride away!
 The horses getting ready to start the race at the starting point.  Everyone was looking at the horses being moved into the starting gate, while praying for their favourite horses to win the race.

This was the first time I see the horses getting ready at the starting gate.  It was indeed an eye opener!

 The moment the gates opened, the horses galloped rapidly to reach the finishing line.  You could feel the adrenaline rush as the audience cheered for their favourite horses to win!

It was an intense competition!

May the best horse win!
The horses pulling apart in terms of positions
After watching the horses galloped to the finishing line, we went back inside the Marquee to continue our feasting and look... who was with us?

Yes, it was the exclusive Emirates Bear which was included in the Marquee Package.  An exclusive Emirates Cap was also given as a memento.

Just look at the doeful eyes of the Emirates Bear. It melted my heart when I lay my eyes on it.

Exclusive Emirates Cap and Bear
 Emirates Singapore Derby would not be completed without a photo with the two lovely Emirates flight attendants.  I love how they wore the official uniforms with pride and elegance!

I'm so much in love with their headgears!
Jessie was very busy hosting the guests and I was lucky enough to catch hold of her for a photo together.

Jessie looking splendid in her lovely dress and sparkly shoes!
As invited influencers, we were given a chance to take a tour in Singapore Turf Club to get up close and personal with the horses.  Who would miss the chance of that?  Let's go!

Walking towards the building where the masses are gathered to watch the horse racing
Open air area where people can choose to sit to watch the horses in action
 OMG... nothing beats seeing the horses this close!

Photography was allowed but no flashes should be activated so that the horses were not affected by the bright lights.

Besides the exciting pulsing racing Emirates Singapore Derby, all the influencers had a chance to win the Best Dressed E-fluencers Contest and the two best dressed E-fluencers get to bring back a bottle of Piper-Heidsieck champagne each.  

Guess what? I won this!

I didn't even pay close attention when my name was announced as I thought there were better dressed influencers.  I actually got a shock when Hong Peng announced my name, as I didn't expect it.  I guessed my partner added points to the reason why I was chosen as he was wearing a hat to match the occasion.  Thanks Tony!

Thanks Jessie and Hong Peng for choosing me as one of the winners!
The other winner, Karen, also received her bottle of champagne from Jessie.  Congrats Karen!
Karen in her lovely well matched ensemble
Now into its 21st year, the Emirates Singapore Derby ranks as Emirates’ longest- established relationship in its global sports sponsorship portfolio. The extension in Emirates' partnership with the Singapore Turf Club will also cement Emirates as the longest-standing sponsor in Singapore horse racing history.

By integrating sports and fashion with a dose of Emirates' signature hospitality, the Emirates Singapore Derby has grown to become a highly anticipated event on both the racing and social calendars. 

How often does one get to stand on the Singapore Turf Club stage?  Time to grab a photo!

One of the most memorable events for 2016!
It has proven to be yet another memorable event, both on and off the tracks.

I can't wait for next year's Emirates Singapore Derby to come!

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