Saturday, July 09, 2016

Everyone Has a Dream... What is Yours?

It has been about one year and 2 months since I sold away my Volkswagen Beetle convertible.  Till today, I still deeply miss it.  On the roads, when i see a Volkswagen Beetle convertible or even just a Volkswagen Beetle zoom past, my heart will ache a lot.

My previous Volkswagen Beetle convertible. Still miss it very much!

The reason why I sold my previous car away was because my two kids, Kaiser and Rayes, were growing up fast.  As a single mummy who had to ferry them up and down childcare centre, bringing them to enrichment classes, going for our mummy-son bonding outings, it became a chore to bring down the front row of car seat, climb into the backseat while carrying Rayes into the car and securing him in the car seat.

As such, I made the painful decision to sell my Volkswagen Beetle convertible away and bought a Honda Jazz in the interim period while I think through carefully what my next car should be.

I know that I can't buy a two door car, as I need to factor in the fact that it should be convenient for the kids and my helper to get in and out of the car easily.

Secondly, I am someone who prefers a small car for ease of zipping around and getting into a parking lot easily.

Thirdly, I wanted a reliable continental car brand as I still prefer the heavy handling of the car through the steering wheel.  Most continental cars just feel so stable when I do a turn and when I cruise at a faster speed, the cars do feel like they are floating in the air.

After considering the above three factors, I have zoomed into one particular car brand... Mercedes Benz!  It is a well known reliable continental car brand which even my car mechanic recommends.

After looking at all the various Mercedes Benz car brand models, I have set my dream to own a Mercedes Benz A170.  Yes, you must be wondering... why the hell does Elaine Heng want a car that is no longer in production and she has to buy a second hand car, Mercedes Benz A170, if she wants to own one?

Mercedes Benz A170. Photo taken from

Reasons being:

1) Elaine Heng likes small, easy to handle cars and after she looks at all the Mercedes Benz car models, only A170 fits her bill.

2) Elaine Heng feels that it is kinda silly to pay for a new car when depreciation is so high.  She prefers a second hand car where depreciation is less steep.

3) Elaine Heng doesn't want to fork out too much money on a car and prefers to have some extra cash on hand for the kids.  Being a single mummy is not easy especially when it comes to finances.  I have to ensure that the kids have food on the table, good education, gets to go out of the house for family outings, on top of other commitments like housing loan, insurance, etc.

Yes, my dream is to own a Mercedes Benz A170!  But we all know that owning a car has a hefty price tag to pay.  Even though this is a dream,  I hope to fulfill very soon as I know that GoBear is running a contest where you and me stand a chance to win S$10,000 CASH!  This will add into the funds which I am setting aside.

Details about the Contest

#GoBearDreams Contest - Stand a chance to win $10,000 CASH!

GoBear wants you and people in Singapore to share your ambitions and dreams. Be as creative and interesting as possible in sharing your dream and submit a 30 seconds video here along with your personal details. All you need to do is to click on the “JOIN CONTEST” button upon visiting the #GoBearDreams contest page and upload your 30 seconds video.  

The best submission wins the grand prize of $10,000 CASH funding by GoBear to fulfil your dream! 

Check out the video of a sweeper’s outrageous dream being fulfilled thanks to getting a loan on GoBear at

Other than the grand prize of $10,000 cash, the most popular video of the week gets to win prizes such as a 90-min life-changing Float Experience at Palm Ave Float Club, which is great for anyone who needs to escape the stress of life or a free co-working space subscription under The Working Capitol.

Contest period: 29 June to 29 July 2016.

Contest details can be found on

So hurry and submit your video right now and you never know... Lady Luck might just shine onto you and make your dream come true!

Meanwhile, you can support me by giving me your kind vote for my video at this link

Thanks so much!

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