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Hair Treatment and Hair Cut at Kenjo Salon on 29 Jul 2016

Been a while since I last visited my favourite hair salon, Kenjo Salon for a hair trim and hair treatment.  Decided that I needed to do something to my hair that badly needed a trim so I made an appointment with Joseph, the hair salon owner, to visit them on 29 Jul 2016.

Joseph is forever so kind to accommodate my schedule even though I always text him last minute for hair appointments.

Kenjo Salon is located at 68 Orchard Road, #04-72 Plaza Singapura (new wing).  It is very easy to find the salon because you can see the big window signage as you take the escalator up to the 4th floor.

I always love coming to Kenjo Salon as I am very familiar with the people there and they treat me like their family, always giving me the best hair services.

Kenjo Salon's signage
When I walked into the salon, Joseph told me that there was a surprise for me.  He brought me to one of the seats and showed me this set of shampoo, conditioner and leave in hair treatment.  He said that Mucota is sponsoring me this set of Mucota Anti-Aging hair products for me to try... yeah!

Concept of Mucota Anti-Aging

Mucota's Anti-aging shampoo contains natural oil to form a protective layer of moisture on our scalp as we wash our hair  The key to moisture is not so much on water but oil.

Benefits of Mucota Anti-Aging Range:

Low degreasing power, leave a protective layer of moisture on the scalp therefore, scalp becomes healthy.
Hair becomes healthy, smooth and shiny.
Hair is healthy, therefore you have better control of your hairstyles.

My set consists of A/31 Shampoo:Moist Collagen Argan, K/51 Conditioner:Moist Almond Honey and Aire 09 Veil for Wave.

A/31 Shampoo:Moist Collagen Argan
For dry hair and rough hair
It give the effect of moisture
Enhance the hair texture

K/51 Conditioner:Moist Almond Honey 
For dry hair and rough hair
Maintain and repair the hair
It gives the effect of moisture and easy maintenance

Aire 09 Veil for Wave
Leave-in treatment to protect permed/wavy hair against UV-rays damage.  Provide the hair moisture and tame down the hair shape, providing a smooth and well-arranged permed/wavy hairstyle.

After understanding more about the products, it is time to start my Mucota 3 step hair treatment followed by a badly needed hair trim.

Firstly, the hair assistant helped me to wash my hair with shampoo to get rid of all the dirt and hair oil before the hair treatment.

Washing and shampooing of hair
Followed by Step 1 which was applying some hair lotion on the strands of the hair before Step 2 which was spraying some hair treatment onto the hair.

Soo Bin, my personally assigned hair stylist and her assistant busy at work
3rd step was the most interesting of all as this was the first time I ever see this nano mist machine.

Nano Mist machine
The nano mist machine is like a hair steamer but this time round, your head doesn't go into the steamer but the hair assistant will hold onto the mano mist nozzle which ejects nano steam onto the hair to allow the hair to absorb all the nutrients from the hair treatment products.

See the steam coming out from the nozzle?
This nano mist machine is great for those who do not have time to sit under the hair steamer for too long

After 10 mins, my hair is rinsed with water to remove excess hair treatment products.

Afterwhich, my hair is semi-dried before the final step.

Soo Bin and her assistant using hairdryers to dry my hair

3rd step is to spray some hair conditioning treatment onto the hair to seal the nutrients into the hair shafts.

This time round, no hair steamer is used. Instead my hair is wrapped in cling wrap to let my hair absorb most of the nutrients. 

Another 10 mins later, my hair was rinsed with water and ready for my hair trim.

The two hair assistants drying my hair before Soo Bin trimmed it.

hair drying in progress
After discussion with Soo Bin, she decided not to take off too much length from my fringe and from the ends.

As she knew that I will be attending an event after this, she gave me big curls for a more glamorous look.

Take a look at the final result of my hair style that day? Love it?  If you have any special functions to attend, do visit Kenjo Salon to style your hair up.

You can also check Kenjo Salon's website at for more information on the hair services it provides.  Kenjo Salon also has a Facebook page at살롱-293791920773570/ and an instagram account @kenjosalon where you can see photos of hairstyles created by Kenjo Salon. 

Make your hair appointment by calling Kenjo Salon at +65 6238 8083.  Kenjo Salon is offering 15% off hair services as long as you quote 'ElaineHeng'.  Trust me...You won't regret going there.

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