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{Media Food Tasting} House of Roasted Duck on 16 June 2016

Who loves Duck dishes?  Hands-up!

I am a definite fan of Peking Duck so when I received a media invite to test out the food at House of Roasted Duck, I was elated. If a restaurant dares to use Roasted Duck as part of its name, it must be very proud and confident of its duck dishes.

The second outlet of House of Roasted Duck is located at 100 Jalan Sultan, #01-08 Sultan Plaza.

Like the Bugis Village flagship restaurant, House of Roasted Duck at Sultan Plaza brings the same promises of the familiar taste of Hong Kong with its traditional and authentic Hong Kong style roasted delights such as Signature Peking Duck, Peking Duck – 2 Styles, Crispy Roasted Pork, Soy Sauce Chicken and a range of Hong Kong delicacies such as Congee and Noodles together with an assortment of Cantonese Dim Sum and Side Dishes. 

At the helm of House of Roasted Duck is Executive Chef Lau Wai Keung, a native Hong Kong-er with close to 40 years of local and overseas experience. Previously Barbecue Cook No. 1 with The Excelsior Hotel & Convention Centre Hong Kong, Chef Lau is a roasted delights connoisseur who is set to wow the crowd at Bugis Village and Sultan Plaza with his signature dishes. What’s more, being affordably priced, you can enjoy great value while indulging in the authentic flavours of Hong Kong at House of Roasted Duck! 

Signature Dishes

Roasted Duck and Peking Duck are perennial favourites in Hong Kong and are one of the signature dishes.

For the Peking Duck ($52 for whole), the crispy skin is sliced into perfectly thin slices with minimal meat, which are then wrapped in hand-made flour crepe and eaten together with a special dipping sauce. It was pure indulgence when I put the Peking duck skin that is nicely wrapped in the warm crepe into my mouth. You can feel the crispiness of the skin, taste the flavourful spices used to marinate the duck, together with the coolness of the cucumber and spring onions mixed with the sweetness of the sauce. It was so perfectly executed that the Peking Duck dish was devoured in no time.

Freshly roasted to crisp perfection on a daily basis, the Crispy Roasted Duck ($52 for whole) will blow the minds of all duck lovers with its crispy, fragrant skin and tender and succulent meat which tastes excellent when paired with their special homemade dipping sauce. This dish is awesome for those who love duck meat.  I love how the duck meat emits a nice herbal fragrance as I chomped it down. The crispy skin was an awesome contrast to the tender meat. I couldn’t help but have a few more pieces.

Featuring a combination of both the signature Peking Duck and Crispy Roasted Duck, Duck lovers who want to enjoy the best of both worlds can savour the Peking Duck – 2 Styles ($52 for whole).   I would go for this anytime!

Take a look at how the Peking duck is wrapped in flour crepe with some garnishing and sauce.

The specially prepared Four Heavenly Kings Platter ($48) comprises of the 4 signature roasted delights – Crispy Roasted Duck, Soy Sauce Chicken, Barbecued Pork and Crispy Roasted Pork. Roasted delights lovers can satisfy their craving for all these roasted delights in one serving.

But if you prefer to have more of the Soy Sauce Chicken, you can order it as a whole ($36 for whole).  Braised using a special mix of herbs and spices together with premium stewed soy sauce to achieve the beautiful dark brown colour, the tender Soy Sauce Chicken must be paired with the special ginger scallion sauce to achieve the perfect taste. This dish won my heart with its tender chicken meat braised to the right savoury taste.

Another popular Cantonese dish is Crispy Roasted Pork ($12 for regular). The roasted pork skin was so crispy that I could hear the crunching sounds as I bit through it together with the pork belly and bits of fat. 

Wok-fried to perfection, the fragrant Fried Rice with Diced Duck & Egg ($14 per plate) provides a twist to the usual fried rice and promises to delight your tastebuds with its “wok hei” flavour and distinctive rice grain texture.

I felt that the kitchen was super generous with the ingredients because almost every spoon of fried rice was full of diced duck meat.

Congee lovers will relish the piping hot Congee with Roasted Duck ($7.50 per bowl). Using premium calrose rice from Australia and fresh ingredients, all the flavourful Congee dishes are slow-cooked over a small fire for 3 to 4 hours to achieve its perfectly smooth texture. 

I loved the smoothness of the congee.  It just slipped down my throat as if I am drinking a thick soup… Nice!

Reminiscent of what you get from Hong Kong, another iconic must-try dish is the Shrimp Dumpling Noodle ($6.80 for Soup version; $7.80 for Dry version). Freshly wrapped daily, the Shrimp Wantons are amply stuffed with shrimp, bits of pork and black fungus to give it that delectable crunch.

I must say… the noodles were springy and went very well with their homemade chilli sauce. 

House of Roasted Duck also offers an assortment of Cantonese Dim Sum and Side Dishes, if you are craving for them.

Deliciously fresh, those dishes I tried that day melted my heart!  I am definitely going back a second time!

Steamed Siew Mai with Tobiko ($4.80)

Prawn Dumplings with Chinese Chives & Shittake Mushroom ($4.80)

Pumpkin & Dried Scallop Dumpling ($4.80)

Chicken Feet in Special Homemade Sauce ($4.20)

House of Roasted Duck is a prestigious restaurant by Gao Ji Food, a popular local heritage brand with 62 years of experience in the F&B industry.

Visit them at:

Bugis Village Address
233 Victoria Street, Bugis Village S(188026)
Tel: (65) 6339 6817
Operating Hours: 11am to 11pm
Nearest MRT Station: Bugis MRT Station (EW12 / DT14)

Sultan Plaza Address
100 Jalan Sultan, #01-08 Sultan Plaza S(199001)
Tel: (65) 6297 5490
Operating Hours11am to 11pm
Nearest MRT Station: Nicoll Highway Station (CC5)

For more information, check out 

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