Sunday, March 28, 2010

I have skinny calves and whatever boots I tried on in Singapore, makes me look like a fisherman on her way out to sea. As a result, I developed very stringent criteria for boots and they must fulfill the following:-

1. Opening circumference must not be too big… about 30-32 cm or less is gd
2. Must not have very high heels as I’m getting old and walking around in high heels will be extremely tiring. For work, I stand on high heels from 830am to 5pm so offwork, I prefer to be in flats.
3. Must have zip. This is to allow easy wearing of the boots. I don’t want to end up struggling to put on and take off my boots.
4. Initially, I wanted to get one with real leather but real leather boots can be very expensive especially if we consider the cost per wear ratio.

Hhmmm… actually, my criteria is not that difficult to fulfill but those boots you find in Singapore just don’t fill the bill. They are either too filmsy, too ugly or satisfy one but not the rest criteria kind.

Luckily, I managed to find good pairs imported from overseas which fit all my requirements a few weeks ago! Recently my supplier showed me some new designs and gosh… extremely lovely pairs that I can’t wait to lay my hands on!

Since I know how difficult it is to get a nice pair of boots in Singapore, I have decided to collate orders for a few good looking pairs from overseas. If anyone is interested to get a pair or few pairs, do contact me at and email me the following:-

Contact No:
Mailing Address:
Boot Name:
(Best is to attach the pic in your email)

Payment has to be made before order is confirmed.

I will collate orders until 1 April, 12 noon.

Pricing includes direct delivery to your doorstep via registered mail for addresses in Singapore. Shoes will arrive about 10 to 15 days time after 1 April. Pls be patient in waiting for your orders to reach you. Do note that I won’t be responsible if the shoes do not fit you well, quality of the shoes as I won’t be able to check before they are sent out from overseas factory or any sustained damages along the way. So far, I have no issues with my previous pairs.

In order to check for size of the shoes which you intend to get, check out my guide below.

Guide to Choosing Size of Shoes/Boots

First, trace the outline of your foot on a piece of paper

Measure the longest length of your foot (a) and note it down.

Measure the longest width of your foot (b) and note it down.

Look at the table below to get the size of the shoes.

Shoe Size                a                                 b

33                           21.5                           8

34                           22                              8-8.5

35                           22.5                           8.5

36                           23                              8.5-9

37                           23.5                           9

38                           24                              9-9.5

39                           24.5                           9.5

40                           25                              9.5-10

41                           25.5                           10

42                           26                              10-10.5

43                           26.5                           10.5

44                           27                              10.5-11

45                           27.5                           11

Boots for Sales

Name: Pair 1

Colour: Black or Chocolate Brown

Size: 35, 36, 37, 38, 39

Material: PU leather

Heels: about 4cm but because the front of the boots is slightly elevated as well, so it should feel comfortable wearing this

Length of the boots(without including the heels): about 25cm

Opening circumference: about 30cm

Cost: S$65 inclusive of delivery to your doorstep via registered mail

I’m in love with this pair basically because:-

1. From the front view, it looks clean and neat cos it doesn’t have much detailing
2. The length is not very long(about mid calf) and I can wear it in Singapore during colder months or raining days. Wearing long boots in Singapore is just too weird and people will think that I’m crazy. This pair works just fine!
3. The heels will make me look taller but yet still comfortable for walking
4. It comes with a zip so wearing this pair is a breeze
5. Although the opening may not fit snuggly but it is still within my acceptable range… won’t look too wide opened at the calf area.
6. This pair of boots has a rugged feel cos of the heels but yet it manages to balance it up with the ribbon details at the side. Because of the intricate design, I can wear this with shorts or dresses.
7. I don’t think I can find similar pairs in Singapore cos so far none of the pairs can make it.

I am totally in love with this pair! My only dilemma now is whether I should get a black or a chocolate brown coloured pair…. Maybe I should get both…hahahahaha!

Name: Pair 2
Colour: Black
Material: PU patent leather
Size: 35 36 37 38 39
Heels: about 5cm
Length of boots: about 36.5cm
Opening circumference: about 36cm
Ankle circumference: about 31.5cm
This long boots has no zip, so you have to wear it the way you wear socks.
Cost: S$65 inclusive of delivery to your doorstep via registered mail

Name: Pair 3

Material: PU leather
Heel: about 9cm
Size: 34 35 36 37 38 39
Colour: grey colour or beige colour
Length of boots: information not available..Sorry!
Design: Bling bling crystals belt-like design at the top. No zip
Cost: S$65 inclusive of delivery to your doorstep via registered mail

Name: Pair 4

Colour: Black or kaki
Size: 34 35 36 37 38 39
Material: PU leather
Heel: 6cm
Length of boots: about 27cm
Opening circumference: about 31cm
Design: bling bling buckle, no zip
Cost: S$68 inclusive of delivery to your doorstep via registered mail

If you are interested to get one or a few pairs, contact me asap!!
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Was looking forward to this workshop and finally the day has arrived.  It proved to be fun and enlightening!
Didn't drive to ION because after the workshop, I need to meet my client in Shenton way, hence Daddy dropped me off at the MRT station.  Ended up really early in Orchard so took the time to have a leisure breakfast in Tea Loft in ION.  Didn't have the opportunity to have an early breakfast for a while already... was very grateful for the chance.  Had 2 eggs, kaya butter toast and milo.

Love this set of lights on the ceiling... my sister also had a similar one in her condo unit.  Very classy style.

Freshkon has kindly sponsored 4 pairs of the newly launched Freshkon Mosaic contact lenses for all the participants and I chose 2 urban grey and 2 charming brown.  The other 2 colours are velvet blue and luscious green.  I wasn't too daring to try these 2 colours but some of the ladies who went to the workshop tried and to my surprise, the colours look great and subtle, not loud at all.  Hhmm... will try these 2 colours the next time.  Love the mosaic lenses as the colours look so natural, yet it enhance the eye colour very well.  Versatile enough for PMEBs to wear to work!

Renee, who is the brand executive, was the MC of the workshop.  This is the 1st time I am seeing her as she just joined the company.  Classy well groomed lady!

Next was Agnes from Freshkon, whom I got to know 2 years back when my company collaborated with Freshkon for our workshops.  She went through with us the presentation slides on the Freshkon Mosaic lenses.  Some of the slides were very interesting and useful for my workshops and she said she will pass them to me.  Thanks Agnes!!  Loved her dressing combination that day.

Renee took over after Agne's presentation to introduce the makeup artistes from Sephora.

The 4 makeup artistes who showed us how to match makeup colours with our contact lenses.

The 4 participants who wree the models for the makeover went to the front for the demo.

Makeup artistes(MUA) at work

Making the participants even prettier with the makeup colours from sephora, a USA brand.  Hvn't tried this brand before so was keen to see the effects of the makeup colours on the ladies.  ALthough I'm a trained MUA, I think it is always good to see how other MUA work and their techniques so as to improve further.

Renee interviewing the 4 MUAs on the colour selection.

Makeover is done and time for pictures.  The 4 ladies looked radiant and chic in the different makeup colours.  For me, if I am wearing charming brown, I will go with light grey or chocolate brown eyeshadow.
If I am wearing urban grey, I will go with either dark grey, black, blue or purple eyeshadow.  If I am wearing velvet blue, I will go with blue, purple, grey eyeshadow.  if I am wearing luscious green, I will go with green or aqua eyeshadow.

Time for us to do hands-on!  One of the colour palettes from Sephora.  As most of us have makeup on already, we just did a bit of touch-up on our eyeshadow.  I changed my original blue eyeshadow to a grey colour one. 

Some of the friends that I got to know during the workshop.  We really enjoyed ourselves doing the touchup and getting to know each other.
They are so young and gorgeous and I look old sitting amongst them...

After the workshop ended, I went over to Shenton way for a client's meeting and came back home at about 4.30pm. This was how I looked like after a busy day... melted makeup, greasy skin and messy hair...hahaha!  When I reached Shenton way, it was raining very heavily.  Luckily I had my small umbrella inside my even smaller bag so I didn't get drenched.  Did a good deed by sheltering a lady across a traffic junction. 

I love the new Freshkon Mosaic contact lenses!!

By attending the Freshkon Mosaic Beauty workshop, all the participants also got a goodie bag comprising of the above.  WOW!
And we were also given S$60 vouchers to buy any Sephora products.  FREE SHOPPING!!!!!
To be frank, free shopping can be stressful as well as the ladies decide on what to buy using the S$60 vouchers.  Me and the 3 ladies spent like about 45 mins deciding on what to get.  Very excited to see the whole range of products and the price range is affordable.  Want to know what I end up getting?  Scroll down to see...

2 bottles of Freshkon clear i solutions to keep the lenses clear.
A cute pink colour pouch to store anything u want.  I actually have a lot of pouches at home, all FOC gifts from contests etc but this pink colour one is so sweet and girlie.  Maybe I will use this for my overseas trip to London and Paris.

A "bible" to recreate different looks while wearing Freshkon Mosaic contact lenses using Sephora products.

A bookmark from Freshkon. 

A product brochure on the new contact lenses.

What's this??  Answer to be revealed soon...scroll down if you can't wait to know.

M practising my frown...

A free gift from Sephora

Looks delicious...chocolate bar??!!

Packaging is futuristic..looks nice in pictures.

Decided to remove the plastic packaging to reveal the true colour of the pouch from Freshkon.

Remember the black small pouch? It contains a Freshkon handy mirror!  Great!  This will be a permanent fixture in my handbag from now on.

Found inside the silvery Sephora box...Two Faced Lash Injection Mascara...

Sephora lipstick...Lip Attitude-Chic C23 Luxury Beige

This is so funny...created for lazy women... a 'transfer on' eyeshadow kit.  I won't be using this though cos the colours won't go on evenly.

I bought 2 things using the S$60 voucher given and I topped up only S$1!!

I bought this Black Smoky Eye Makeup Kit since it is small and handy for travelling purposes.  I already have a lot of cosmetics at home so no point getting the usual stuff.  This kit costs S$49 and contains 4 colours, 1 kohl pencil and 1 mascara. There is also a step by step guide on how to create smoky eyes effect.

Bought a black colour waterproof eyeliner as I havn't managed to find the rite one yet.

Bought this Obimin Film Tablets One a Day Pre- and Postnatal- Formula at Watson in Wisma Atrium at S$23.30 but when I went to Guardian at Tanjong Pagar, it was selling at S$21.30.  Wasted my S$2...sigh... can eat a plate of chicken rice already.

Had UTI attacks recently so bought a few packets from Guardian just in case. 

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