Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Woke up at around 7.45am today to go through my hospital bag or rather bags before I admit myself into the hospital today.  Was pretty much unprepared during the first delivery and this time round, I wanted to be a bit more kiasu.  Guess it is better to be prepared with extra stuff than having to get my hubby to bring them over last minute.

It looks like I am going for a long holiday with the 3 bags of items...lolx.  I can only console myself this way, rather than thinking of being immobilized later on.  I hate that feeling of not being able to get off the bed with the nurses coming over to check my blood pressure every 2 hours.  Nah... not a holiday at all.

My gynae, Dr Lee also mentioned no food and drinks after 9am, so I had to wake up early to eat breakfast and drink more water in case I get thirsty later on.

Here is a list of stuff inside my bags.

Besides the usual stuff which I brought along the last time, like pyjamas, undergarments, toiletries, baby's clothes, doctor's letter, marriage certificate, etc, I have included things like ipad mini +charger to keep me entertained and connected to my work and emails even though I highly doubt I will be using it for the 1st day, Medela Breast Pump (thank god it is in a good working condition after 3 years), Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter, Nature's Way Fenugreek Seed Pills, Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Milkmaid Tea, a teapot which I will ask the nurses to fill it up with milo as I have decided not to drink plain water during my confinement period and a cup for me to make my nursing tea.  I didn't prepare all these the last time and I highly regretted it.

A small bag containing baby stuff...  I bought a crochet hat for the baby and it has 2 rabbit ears.  Trying to dress the baby up... lolx.

My trusty medela swing breastpump...

Haven't tried this before yet, so not sure how it will taste like. 

This is good as it did help me increased my breastmilk but I didn't latch on much and gave up hafway.  This time round, I am determined to succeed and I bought 2 bottles of this. 

Oh... I have also bought 2 presents for Kaiser on behalf of the baby.  Gotten them from the Takshimaya fair not too long ago.  Will be giving it to Kaiser when he comes to visit me in the hospital.  I guessed it is ok to say some white lies once in a while...lolx.  Hopefully, Kaiser will like his new toys.

Gosh... gonna miss my Kaiser so much.

2 more hours before going to the hospital for admission.  I realised that I am not as nervous regarding the c-sec operation compared to worrying about the health of my baby.  I remembered I couldn't relax much after Dr Lee sew me up and the nurses pushed me back to my ward until Daddy came and told me that Kaiser is well and healthy.  Hoping everything is ok.

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Getting jittery now thinking about tomorrow's C-section operation.  Decided to write my feelings down so that a few years later, when I read my post again, I can still remember why I decided to go for elective C-section this time round.  My first boy, Kaiser, was born via C-section as he was breeched.  Even at week 37, he remained in breeched position.  Went to a Master Jing, Fengshui master located in Geylang, to get a good date and time for the operation.  Was surprised that it was his disciple who attended to us.  Nonetheless, I didn't make any noise even though I thought since I am paying for the master's service, Master Jin should be the one talking to us instead.

Actually, my gynae, Dr Kenneth Edward Lee, mentioned that I can try for VBAC (Virginal Birth After C-section) but he said that I have to fulfill a few criteria.  Firstly, the baby must be in the correct position.  The aminotic fluid must be sufficient.  The baby's heartbeat must be strong and the baby can't be too big.  However, my pelvic is not tested during the first pregnancy and he is not sure if my cervix can dilate sufficiently enough(at least 10cm) for the baby to come out naturally.  So if I want to go for natural birth, I can still go ahead but if I go into contractions for too long and baby is in distress, I will have to go for emergency c-section.  Also, he said that he can't induce me as I may not dilate sufficiently and if I go into contractions for too long, my previous c-section wounds may split, leading to bleeding, which will be dangerous for myself and the baby.

The gungho me wanted to try for natural birth as my baby fulfills all the criteria for this method.  But Dr Lee said it would be better if I can decide on some dates for c-section and book the operation theatre and if the baby comes out natural, then all is well.  If I pass the due date, at least I still can go for elective c-section.  I was pretty reluctant to go for c-section but my hubby kept pestering me to go see a Fengshui master.  

Under the recommendation of my babe friend cum ex-colleague, Anthea, I managed to find Master Chen, located in Toa Payoh.  I was surprised that he didn't request for my hubby and my birthdate and time to come up with some suitable dates but he was able to explain his reasoning through reading my life and Kaiser's life through 紫薇斗术 and I am impressed by his almost 100% accuracy.  He asked me one question that won me completely.  The question was, "Do I require your parents' date of birth and time to read your life?"  That was when i realised parents' date of birth and time will not affect the baby life at all!  When he analysed Kaiser's life, I realised that the date and time which Master Jing gave was not the best.  It was just normal but that was not what I wanted.  

Since I have to go through the painful recovery after c-section, I would want the best for my Kaiser.  I purposely tested Master Chen and asked him if there was anything I can buy from him to improve Kaiser's life but he said, "Look at my place... there is nothing I can and want to sell you.  I am a fengshui master and my job is to read fengshui, not a businessman who wants to make more money from you."  Good... he passed my test.  After that, he said that it would be best for Kaiser to study or work overseas next time, if he wants to make it big.  After hearing this, I really feel like calling Master Jing and asked him why he gave such a date to me the last time, before i decide if I should kill him... lolx.

So even though I was so set on trying for natural delivery although I hear stories from friends telling me the pain, I have finally decided to go for elective c-section.  Yes, I told myself even if I have to suffer during the recovery period of at least 2 months, I don't mind so long as my baby has a good life in the future.  Some people may think it is ridiculous to believe in all the fengshui saying but I don't care as long as I think I have a chance to give my baby a better life.  That is something I feel I should do as his mother.  So even though I hate to go through the recovery period where I can't walk or sleep properly with the tight and hot binder to compress my c-section wound, I told myself, it will be just a few months... I have gone through it before and I can go through it again.

Dr Lee was puzzled as I was pretty adamant about going for natural delivery.  I didn't say much except that to say for fengshui reasons.  I am getting jittery about the operation, even though I had gone through it before as Dr Lee explained the risks involved with c-section.  It is considered a major operation compared to natural birth as he had to cut through 7 layers before he can reach my baby.  Then he has to sew the 7 layers back again.  I wonder how many scars I have inside my body after this 2nd birth...lolx.

So YES, finally we have decided on 16 Oct 2013, on a certain timing, after looking at the 4 dates which Master Chen gave me.  He said that if baby comes out on 16 or 17 Oct, baby will look more like me but if the baby comes out on 18 or 19 Oct, the baby will look more like my hubby instead.  We shall see how accurate that is...lolx.

One last picture of me before my baby bump is gone and it will be "Helloooo, baby!"

 Wish me good luck!
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