Sunday, May 31, 2015

It has been a long time since I personally conduct training for Primary School students.  I happened to be free that morning hence decided to take up the training assignment.

Here I was at Boon Lay Garden Primary School by 10am in the morning... been so long since I last walk into a Primary School.  

My Primary 5 students, busy copying notes from the powerpoint slides

Met up with 5 other trainers, 3 of them are my unFranchise business partners
The training session was only 2 hrs from 10.30am to 12.30pm which worked just nice for my schedule as I was going to do volunteering at Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Hospital that day from 2 to 5pm.  I got to know about this opportunity from SGCares website,  This website offers flexible volunteering opportunities which is wonderful for people like me whose schedule is not fixed and I can afford the time to do volunteer work during office hours on weekdays.  All i did was to sign up for an account on SGCares website, went through an online orientation training (you can have the option of attending a face to face orientation training) and searched for volunteering opportunities posted by the various organisations.

The reason why I chose to do volunteering work at Thye Hua Kwan Hospital is because I have conducted training for the hospital staff a few years back and I thought it will be wonderful to come back again, not as a trainer but as a volunteer.

The volunteers were taught how to open and operate the wheelchairs, so that we can invite the patients to get out of their wards to join us the the karaoke session and the art therapy class.  The staff nurses and in charge are very friendly and patient with us.

My name tag that day

I found out that the person playing the piano to facilitate the singing session is one of the Resident Doctor.  Really nice of him to take time off to do this session for the patients.

After the music session, we invited the patients to do some art and craft.

I sat next to two elderly who were colouring some pictures and we decided on what colours to use... lolx.

Just look at our very colourful picture... uncle did a good job colouring it! 

This uncle is so cute... He asked me if I know the name of this fish.  I said, "Gold Fish?" and he said "七彩鱼" cos it is colourful.  After that, he asked me, "Girl, today you don't need to go to school, is it?"  I told uncle I am past the age of going to school already... lolx.

Became friends with Farrah, an overseas graduate from Australia, staying in JB.  She actually took the bus from JB to come to the hospital to volunteer her services that day.  Such a sweet girl... Salute her!

ok... who wants to join me for some volunteer work next time?

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Decided to pay a visit to my skin doctor, Dr. Dylan Chau located in Takashimaya Orchard as my skin is looking a bit dull with open pores due to many late nights.  So i thought better to salvage it soon before it becomes a disaster. :( 

Bought a 10 sessions package from him about 2 years ago but only used up to 5 sessions because I am using a fantastic skincare brand to maintain the skin.  I only visit Dr Chau when I am too stressed or work late nights and the skin starts to give some problems.

ootd. Casual style on a weekday

Dullness and open pores around the nose area and forehead.  Not much glow on my face too... so sad.

The lovely glow that is radiating from the logo

Celevenus is located in a centralised location, Orchard area so it is extremely easy to find.  I prefer to book late morning appointment because I can avoid the morning traffic jam and the exorbitant ERP charges.

I love the stylish deco at the reception.  It is done up tastefully in black and white.  There is also a flat screen TV for clients to watch TV programmes while waiting for their turn to see Dr Chau.

While waiting for my turn to go in for the skin treatment, the receptionist will always offer a cup of warm red date tea which Dr Chau's mother brews in the morning. 

I decided to do RevLite Laser that day as it helps to tighten the pores and treat skin pigmentation.  The receptionist always wonder why I don't need to numb my skin before doing this treatment... Lolx.  To me, the feeling of the laser on the skin is like rubber band snapping on my face.  Not too painful at all.

Everytime I go, Dr Chau and I will engage in small talk so he is very familiar with what I do for a living and he will share his thoughts as well. Very friendly doctor.  He even told me he might plan to adopt a child if he is still not married... lolx.

Just finished my RevLite Laser Treatment.  No downtime or redness at all.

Besides these laser skin treatments, it is also important to take care of your skin on a regular basis and my favorite brand got to be Lumierie De Vie, available at www. and best part of shopping on this online store is that you get cashback.  Yes... you get paid while you shop.  Isn't that amazing?

I got the Lumière de Vie™ Full Regime Kit!  This kit includes the facial cleanser, toner, volcanic exfoliating mask, illuminating fading fluid, serum concentrate, intense rejuvenation creme, eye balm and intensive hand and body creme.

I simply love this range because it helps me to maintain my skin till the next skin laser treatment.

If you are wondering how to use this set, there is a FAQ section on the usage.  You can check out the products here

Also, you should use the facial cleanser, toner, mask, illuminating fading fluid, serum concentrate, rejuvenation creme and eye balm in this order, on your face.

One of my favourite product from this regime set got to be the Volcanic Exfoliating Mask!

Lumiere De Vie Volcanic Exfoliating Mask

This is how it looks like, freshly squeezed from the tube.

Apply a thin layer of the mask, all over your face, avoiding the areas around your eyes

Let's wait for it to dry for 1o mins.

Your face will looks somewhat like this after the mask dries on your face

Massage face with warm water, using fingertips to exfoliate thoroughly.  Wash away any remaining product.  
Pat skin dry and continue with your usual skincare regimen.  Use this mask 1 to 2 times per week to see results.


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Monday, May 25, 2015

It was a privilege to be invited by Sheraton Towers to conduct a Corporate Grooming workshop for their business development sales staff, followed by a Western Dining Etiquette workshop for their vip guests on 21 May 2015.  Got this assignment due to recommendation.  

#ootd. Love this blue dress with green lace panels at the side from NESS located at Far East Plaza. The lady boss stocks up beautiful dresses from Korea almost every two weeks.

#motd. using motives cosmetics available at  Makeup has to be a lot heavier than usual days due to the lightings in the hotel ballroom.  I just loved how motives cosmetics make my skin look flawless even though it is not in real life... lolx.

Waiting for pictures taken by my client during the training hence no photos to upload for the training yet but my very sweet client bought me dinner at the Dining Room.  I had a choice of buffet dinner or ala carte menu.  As it was around 8pm when I had my dinner, I decided to choose ala carte instead.  See what yummy food went into my stomach that night.

Freshly squeezed watermelon juice... my healthy choice

Tomato based soup with cheese cream.. omg... so heavenly!

Warm bread before the main course.  I wonder how the chef can make it so light and fluffy.

My delicious healthy cod fish resting on fettuccine of carrots and cucumber. The meat just breaks off so easily and melts in the mouth.

To end the meal, I decided to order aloe vera jelly with calamansi sorbet to wash my palate, instead of the mud pie which the waiter was recommending.  Maybe next time but I was too full already.
ok... That is not all.  My client actually gave me a present....omg. I can't believe this!  Being paid for training services and getting a present as well. Life is great!

See what I got... it feels heavy!

It is so nicely wrapped up that I hesitated to open it up for a few days... lolx.

Wow...from Fragonard Parfumeur!
PARFUMERIE FRAGONARD, was founded in 1926 in Grasse, the heart of the French perfumery industry   It is one of the oldest and best known perfumeries.  Besides having an impeccable reputation for luxury perfumery products and a flagship boutique in the famed St Germain des Prés district of Paris, this venerable parfumerie also lays claim to the Scribe and the Théâtre des Capucines museums in Paris.  

Mental note: I must go and visit them the next time I go Paris!

Thank you Sheraton Towers from the bottom of my heart!

I am so lucky and I can't wait to try this in my bathtub and during my upcoming staycation.



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