Monday, August 24, 2015

1st August 2015 was an awesome day filled with events!

First up was Tom Ford Beauty & Fragrances Event organised by L'Officiel Singapore at Tangs Orchard Level 7, The Loft.  I love beauty events as I get to learn a lot on latest techniques on beauty stuff, which will help me tremendously in my business.

The presenter for that day... very well groomed and experienced makeup artiste (MUA) from Tom Ford.

Soft paper swatches in which the newly launched Tom Ford fragrances are sprayed on for us to test out.  I gotta say... I am in love with Tom Ford Private Blend Collections!  I find that it stands out as one of the best fragrances in the market, besides Chanel Chance and Bvlgari.  Smells refreshing as agreed by all of my friends.  

A video clip of the Tom Ford fashion show, showcasing the fashion and makeup trends by Tom Ford.

Time for a makeup demonstration by the MUA.  He is very experienced in his makeup techniques and skills indeed.

I love how he explained the use of each cosmetics and his makeup demonstration.

He also explained the different usage of highlighters, blushers and bronzers but in a fun and engaging way.

I was seated at the front row and he stopped for a while for me to take a photo of this eyeliner... so sweet of him.

Showing how the cosmetics can be used on the legs to make them look flawless.

 He also demonstrated on how to apply the hightlighter on the collarbones by asking my friend, Sara Shantelle Lim, a Luxury Lifestyle Blogger, to be the model.

The model showing us her finished look.  omg... She is super tall.

See... even the MUA had to stand on the platform to be as tall as the model... hahaha!

 A group photo with the MUA, model and Sara.  It was such an informative and wonderful event!

 A photo with Nicholas Tan, Group Marketing Director, Singapore/Malaysia of Heart Media.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Minions are cute. I totally agree but I don't really want to lose my hair at this age and look like that girl minion yet though.
Photo from

So I was very excited when I received a Facebook pm from one of the partners of Soteria Face & Nail / Soteria Hair Studio, Engel, inviting me to her exclusive beauty event on 6 August.  Best part was I got to choose from an array of beauty services offered by the salon, like 

Estyle Facial (Duration 30mins)
1. Skin rejuvenation for lighten pigmentation,minimize pores,improve collagen.
2. Skin Tightening for lifting and firming. Instant result.
Express Gelish Manciure (Duration 30mins)
Express Gelish Pedicure (Duration 30mins)
SP Hair Treatment  (Duration 60mins)
Option 1. Scalp Treatment
Option 2. Smoothen / Repair Hair Treatment

Looking at the wonderful selection and planning and prevention for the 'future', I decided to go for the SP Hair treatment Option 1: Scalp Treatment.

The salon was conveniently located at  Block 203, Hougang Street 21,#01-47 Singapore 530203.  Walking distance from Kovan MRT.  If you drive, there are ample parking lots in the vicinity too. 

When i walked into the salon, I was in awe by the exquisite, victorian interior design adopted by the salon.  And here she was... the generous owner, Engel who is about to give birth.  Gosh... how does she continue to look so gorgeous when she is 38 weeks pregnant? Wow... I was amazed. Her salon's treatments really work!

Bumped into another blogger, Kaiting.  We met each other when I attended an event organised by The Influencer Network and she was interning there back then.  I was very impressed by her entrepreneur thoughts even though she was still studying in NTU.  It is always good to start thinking of future and planning for it. You go, girl!

Engel was so sweet to let me bring my little prince, Kaiser to this event.

Boy, he had a great time eating all the delightful hi-tea that was prepared for all the guests.  Just look at the macaroons in such sweet colours... enough to melt a girl's heart.

The lovely cupcakes in the same colour scheme as the macaroons.

Pink Marshmallows to sweeten up anyone's day!

Pink Jellybeans!

I can't resist cake in a jar!  Just look at the rainbow colours!

As I walked around the salon, I saw some of the awards given to the salon.  Soteria is an award winning company who won Singapore Brand Award, Asia Pacific Brand Award, SME Asia Award, Queen Of Substance Award.  Very impressive indeed and I knew I would be in good hands later on.

 The manicure and pedicure corner.  Just look at the customers enjoying their pampering sessions on the comfy seats.

 I got to sit on a comfortable crystal studded chair while I wait for my turn to be pampered.  I felt like a princess, enjoying every moment.

ok, my turn to enjoy my SP Hair Treatment!  But before that, let's take a look at the salon.

The salon has a kids' corner for the kid to sit while the hairstylist cut his/her hair.  So thoughtful!

Going to start my scalp treatment now...

Checking my scalp... thank god, I am not balding.  But I guessed prevention is better than cure.  Anyways, it is good to detox the scalp on a frequent basis.

First step is to wash the hair throughly...

The water temperature is just nice... so comfortable.

I was given a hair massage while my hair was shampooed.

So relaxing that I almost fell asleep.

Rinsing the hair and towel drying it.

A tonic lotion was applied on my scalp and according to the hairstylist, it will help to cleanse and detoxify the scalp and reduce the sebum.

 Next step, a hair mask was applied on my scalp.  This helps to further cleanse the scalp.  I actually love the tingling sensation on the scalp after the mask was applied.

 Afterwhich, my head was covered by this steamer cap for a good 7-10 mins before rinsing the hair mask away.

After the hair rinse, scalp lotion was applied onto my scalp .

To make my hair shiny and smooth, luxe oil was applied at the tips.

 I felt so blessed to have two hairstylists working on my hair to make it look beautiful.

One of the hairstylists suggested using curling tongs to curl my hair temporary and I was gamed enough to do that.

I bumped into the other partner of the salon, Michael Kwah.  He is also an actor and model.  We actually got connected many years ago and recently bumped into each other at a McCallan event as well.  Didn't realise he was the other owner of the salon till we started talking.  Great to catch up again!

Some departing shoots before we left the salon with Kaiting.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience getting my scalp and hair pampered.  Can't wait to visit Soteria Face & Nail / Soteria Hair Studio again!  

For my readers who want to know more of what else the salon offers, check out the website at  Below are the details of the salon if you want to make an appointment:

Telephone :  6284 0887 / 6284 8870

  Mobile :  8338 0887

  E-Mail :

  Address : Block 203, Hougang Street 21,
                   #01-47,Singapore 530203

  Operating Hours :  Weekdays 10:30am to 9:00pm 
                              Weekends 10:30am to 7:30pm
                                  Public Holidays 10:00am to 7:00pm
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