Saturday, April 17, 2010

The very beautiful Sony a330 Digital SLR camera.  Finally managed to take a picture of it when it has DT18-55mm lens on.

The side view of the camera.

Ta da.... This is its new home. Daddy said that he has to dismantle the lens from the body if he were to put his darling(not ME!!) into the free Sony bag, so he went to Funan IT Mall to buy another Sony camera bag.  I think this costs close to about S$100. he is thinking of buying the rechargeable battery pack.  Think sooner or later, he will think of buying other accessories like the flash.
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Had to take a bite before my training.  As I only had about 30 mins, we decided to go somewhere nearby to take a quick bite and ended up in this Japanese restaurant in Funan IT Mall.  Initially, I was drawn to the big banner outside as it stated S$1.  I thought one plate of sushi costs only S$1!!! What a bargain!  Only when we got in, I realise that one piece of sushi costs S$1 or more.

Yup, the restaurant is called Shabu Shabu... ordinary name but expensive menu.

See... I can't even smile after looking at the pricing...hahahaha!
How is the food?? scroll down to check out the pics.

Food needs preparation, so we started off with hot green tea.

Good food needs waiting, and it took so long that we got so bored and decided to take pictures of ourselves. Shot number 1.

Shot number 2

Shot number 3.

Finally, food was served. We were sitting at the sushi bar counter and saw how each chef made the sushi with tender loving care.

Omg...scallop sushi!

Prawn sushi...delicious!

Verdict: expensive but worth the money and the wait.  Was pleasantly surprised to find such restaurants in Funan.  I could only remember one western restaurant which can make the cut as it serves nice wine and food...just couldn't remember the name though.  
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Food, whether it is expensive or cheap, as long as you feel satisfied after a meal, it is GOOD FOOD!

Yummy Dian Xin shop found in Geylang on a Sunday!  The place was packed with people but we were lucky to find a table quite quickly.

Located near the junction of Lor 17 Geylang and Sims Dr.  We saw a lot of cars packing by the side to tabao food back.

We ordered a fair bit of Dian Xin as the shop served quite unique ones... the taste of the rice rolls are very different from the usual ones we have even though they looked the same.

The homemade lime juice that is not served in a cup but in a takeway plastic container..interesting! But the mixture of the hot food and cold drink caused me to have a stomache after that. 

Yummy crab tung hoon!

We thought of going there every Sunday for our late morning breakfast to try out other dishes.
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Friday, April 09, 2010

Had a chance to visit Youth Olympics Learning Centre this morning and wow... I was amazed!  The centre consists of two levels and you get to know about the different games in which the youth athletes will be competing in.  The centre opens from 10am to 5pm and admission is free!  Do go and take a look if you are near the vicinity.  The address is 1 Kay Siang Road.

The SIngapore 2010 Youth Olympics Games(YOG) is the first ever Youth edition of the prestigious Olympic Movement, featuring 26 Olympic sports happening in 18 venues in Spore.  The event will take place from 14-26 Aug.  Those interested to attend the event but do not want to buy the tickets can go and watch non-ticketed free events like Cycling, Sailing and Triathlon.

The cute figures made of wires outside the centre

Very creative!

The 2 cute little mascots, Lyo and Merly.  Wanted to buy the stuff toys but 2 of them cost S$79.80!

Pictures of all the volunteers who will be helping out during YOG.

Trying to take a picture...the lightings in the centre made my skin look so good...hahahaha!

The background says "Our Heros" silly head covered the "H"

All the games..

Badminton representation

Hockey representation

Table Tennis Representation..and of course, Li Jia Wei!

Cycling Representation

One of my favourite representations...sailing.

Tried to take a picture tog with the yacht...failed...

Took this picture for Daddy cos this is one of his fav. game.... basketball.

Football representation

Fencing representation

Boxing and Weight Lifting representation.. actually nothing much as there are only banners.

Equestrian representation... another one of my fav. representation

Look at the horse behind... so colourful and cute!

managed to get everyone in...say cheese!!!!!!!!

ok... let's not disturb them anymore...btw, I love the boots!

wow.... there is an art gallery too.

Admiring the creative art work

Guess what this is??

This is the very important TORCH!!

Nice artwork

Look at the spontaneous emotions from them!

For those interested to buy YOG tickets, you can buy online at www.singapore2010sg/tickets
call Singapore 2010 Ticketing Call Centre at +65 63482010
At Authorised Ticket Counters Island-wide in Singpore.  Refer to

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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Today was one of those odd days when we woke up early even though we didn't need to work.  Guess what? I actually crawled out of my comfy bed at 8am. Why? Because Daddy wanted to go Singapore Expo early to grab a Digital SLR camera at Megatech Show organised by Courts.  We set off from our house at about 8.30am and reached there by 9am.  And Megatech Show starts only at 10am...hahahaha!  We are typical Kiasu Singaporeans as we are very afraid of traffic jams and filled up carparks.

It was kinda great to just reach there early to relax and have breakfast.  Wanted to hv some food at one of the Macau restaurant but most of the eateries there only open at 10am, even Burger King.  We ended up having a bowl of Bak Chor Mee in the foodcourt.  Surprisingly wonder, the stall won so many awards.

We took our time to eat and I even had dessert after that.

At about 945am, we took a leisure walk towards Hall 4B and was surprised to see a queue forming.  Daddy thought that we have to queue to enter so he went to join it, while I go to the Ladies.  When I joined him, I was still puzzled over why we need to queue.  I don't remember seeing any queues in the IT shows, PC shows, etc when Lexmark took part in them during those years when I was there.

After a while, a staff from Courts briefed the crowd that in order to buy the special items advertised in the newspapers, each person can only buy one item and have to requeue if you want to buy more.  Oh.... so that's the reason why people are queuing.  Daddy asked him if we need to queue since we are there to buy a camera which is not under the special item section but the man was nice enough to advise him to queue and consider if we wanted any special items.

In the end, I decided to get a USB fan which is only going at S$5!!  The fan is under the brand of Mistral, which makes powerful metal fans and since I am always working hard at my desk, getting a USB fan will help save electricity since I won't need to turn on the big fan.

Woah... it is a miniature of the metal fan!  Absolutely loves the blue colour. My fengshi colour. Nice.

Daddy was there to source for an entry level Digital SLR camera and we were deciding between Sony and Canon.  In the end, Daddy settled for the Sony DSLR-A330L.  Reasons being:-the Canon EOS500 which we wanted to buy was more expensive at about S$899 and comes with an older version of camera lens.  The free gift bundle was not as fantastic.
Daddy said that his friends said Sony takes more vibrant pictures.
Sony salesman seemed more genuine in helping out compared to Canon one who seems to be suffering from "I can't wake up" morning syndrome.
Sony salesman told us straight up that the profit they are earning is only 7% and they are giving an additional 5% off the sales price as they still need to make some profit.
The free gift bundle from Sony is more attractive.

Sony gift bundle comes with a 3 section tripod which I was initially going to buy, a Lowerpro Alpha Bag, a 8GB memory stick and a free workshop on how to use the camera.

Daddy's very new SONY  DSLR-A330L which costs S$759.05 after discount, comes with a SAL 18-55 lens.  Was voted Best Entry level DSLR camera by Tech Awards 2010.
Maga Pixels: 10.2
LCD Screen: 2.7 inches
Stamina: 510 shots
ISO: 3200
Frames/Sec: 2.5 fps
Live View compared to A230L

Ok.... here is the best part...
Daddy said that he is not going to lend this precious to anyone at all, so pls don't even try to borrow from him. But he said that if I help him to register the warranty online, he will lend it to ME............. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Planning to self learn photography as a hobby.... YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully can get some photography tips from Bro Tuck Loong, Junda and many other pros out there when there is a chance!

Almost forget...we bought a Garment Steamer SS11 from Novita since Daddy is very particular about how his shirts must be wrinkled free at all times.

Looks quite easy to use cos it is using steam to make the clothes straight and lesser risk of damage to clothes.  I have some delicate dresses as well so better be safe than sorry.
  Cost only S$119 so we decided to grab it as there are only 8 sets left.

Overall verdict: Daddy managed to get his beloved camera.  I got my USB fan and garment steamer.
We are both happy people.
P/S: can't wait to lay my hands on the camera...kekekeke!
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