Sunday, March 16, 2014

Just read from Today Online that our local actress Pan Ling Ling suffered from Breast Cancer but she managed to overcome this...

 Local Actress Pan Ling Ling Beats Breast Cancer

Let's take a look at the top 10 cancers in Singapore:

Information from
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Very scary, isn't it?

Not many people know that cancers are caused by free radical damage.  In fact, our body undergoes oxidative stress due to ageing, pollution, smoking, UV light, metabolism, ionising radiation, inflammation etc.  All these will cause DNA damage.  However there is no way we can stop oxidative stress as metabolism, which is a process in which oxygen we breathe in helps to burn our food for energy, also causes oxidative stress.  The only way out is for us to slow down free radical damage to our bodies.

Again, not many people know the wonderful benefits of antioxidants.  Yes, a lot of people just take antioxidants because others are taking it.  In fact, antioxidants help to slow down oxidative stress and free radical damages.

Have you taken your antioxidants today?

Top 20 food that contains antioxidants
Many people do not take such food everyday and even if they do, they may not be taking enough of it.  I must confess that I am someone who won't purposely buy such food to eat.  Luckily I have Isotonix OPC-3 which provides me with antioxidants from Pycnogenol(Pink Bark Extract), Grape Seed Extract,  Red Wine Extract, Biberry Extract and Citrus Extract Bioflavonoids.  1 month of Pycnogenol from GNC or Natural Farm costs S$97+ onwards... Gosh!

I am lucky to find this cost-effective powerful supplement Isotonix OPC-3 which costs USD69.95 for 90 servings, which helps me to achieve overall general health wellness.  By the way, it helps in anti-aging too and I need that badly...lolx!

I love my Isotonix OPC-3!

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Wonderful Surprise From a Sweet and Thoughtful Customer/Friend!

Met up with my customer, Mary, on Thursday to pass her one bottle of Isotonix OPC-3 as I had ordered one extra bottle of it and she wanted that for her eczema challenges.

Mary was a participant in one of the workshops which I conducted sometime in Jan 2014.  I did a makeup demonstration using Motives Mineral Cosmetics in the workshop and she was very impressed with the quality of the makeup that she ordered the Perfecting Face Primer, Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation with SPF15, Luminous Translucent Loose Powder and Pressed Powder that day.  She mentioned that she had been facing eczema challenges since young and have to be careful with regards to the cosmetics and skincare she uses, but she didn't mind giving Motives Mineral Cosmetics a try.

Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation - A must have foundation as it is non-oily and glides easily on the face

Perfecting Face Primer-A hot seller amongst my customers...protects the skin and prevents makeup from melting and clogging the pores

Luminous Translucent Pressed Powder-Customers love the light texture!

Luminous Translucent Loose Powder- A light dust of this makes the skin glow!

Immediately the Isotonix OPC-3 and Nutriclean Probotics came to my mind as we had seen great results on people with the same challenges before.  She was open to options since nothing has worked on her so far.  She also wanted some recommendations on skincare for her sensitive and oily skin.  I introduced her to our Skintelligence skincare range which is natural and botanical.  I recommended the travel kit first which comprises of the Hydra Derm Deep Cleansing Emulsion, pH Skin Normalizer, Alpha 24 Triple Revitalizing Complex, Skin Perfecting Complex and Daily Moisture Enhancer all in travel size.  I told her that it would be good to try and see which one/s work/s best for her skin as skincare boils down to preference ultimately.

Our flagship product-isotonic OPC-3 with pycnogenol, powerful anti-oxidant

Nutriclean Probotics-supports a strong immune system
Skintelligence travel size kit-skincare regimen on the go!

I ordered the products and supplements for her and 3 weeks into using them, Mary emailed me and said she love all the products so that she wants to make a reorder and this time round, she wanted the full retail size bottles of all the Skintelligence skincare range, including the Facial Firming Masque, which was not available in the travel kit and also the Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50+, OPC-3 and Nutriclean Probotics.

Skintelligence Facial Firming Masque

Cellular Laboratories De-aging Sunscreen Broadband Spectrum SPF50+

She also said that her eczema issues has improved and her dermatologist was very happy with her current improvement!  I was so happy for her as bad skin condition could made a lot of people depressed and irritable and I was glad that our products helped her so much.  Since I had an extra bottle of OPC-3, I told her that I will pass by her place on Thurs to pass her that bottle after I picked Kaiser up from his childcare centre.

Kaiser was very excited that we were going for a car ride after I told him that mummy will be bringing him to meet mummy's friend.

A selfie of me and Kaiser in my car

When we reached Mary's place, I had an unexpected surprise!  Mary told me that she felt very grateful to me for introducing the products and supplements to her and she had seen never seen such great improvement in her skin condition before.  She kept saying she felt grateful, till I felt very paiseh...lolx.

As I told her that I will be bringing Kaiser together with me, she went to buy a packet of sweets for Kaiser.  Kaiser was so elated that he opened up the packet while I was driving to Sembawang Shopping Centre for our dinner.  Mary also presented a gift... omg... I was so shocked beyond words! I didn't expect any gifts from my clients as it is my job to help them look good and feel great.  I feel so loved...Awww..

My unexpected gift... it was also something that I wanted for my new house... came in just nice!  Was super happy!

Anyways, one last picture of me and Kaiser in the HK cuisine restaurant for our late dinner that day.

Kaiser told mummy that he was very happy that day!

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Some time in Dec last year, my NTU client asked me if I could submit an article on dressing right for job interviews for their latest NTU Career Tracks Magazine publication and I said, "Sure, my pleasure!"  

I remembered after I graduated from NUS, I was at a total loss on what to wear for job interviews and  work and had to learn through trial and error.  Hence I think it is extremely important for me to help our undergraduates so that they feel assured and more confident in their overall presentation.

My client was so kind to mail two copies of the magazines, hot from the oven!  Thanks!

I love my work as it helps people to succeed in what they want in life!

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