Saturday, July 24, 2010

After all the controversy surrounding dethroned ex-Miss Singapore World, Miss Ris Low, Miss Singapore World Beauty Pageant 2010 is back again!  Hopefully this year, the organiser can crown a worthy contestant who can represent Singapore on a global platform, without all the "BOOMZ" and "SHINGZ"...hahahaha!

For those who wants to take a look at this year's contestants, pls visit this website:-

More importantly, pls support Contestant 15, Teoh Yian Pin, in her quest to winning the crown.  To support her, you can do so by simply voting.

Voting closes on 20th August 2010 1700 hours - Singapore Time (GMT+8).

You may vote as many times as you like through Miss Singapore Pageant's online voting engine provided in the Miss Singapore Pageant's 2010 website.

A minimum 10 votes cost S$3.00, with Credit/Debit Card payments only.


For those aspiring to be future beauty queens, I have the following 3 basic tips for you. :)

Before you submit your application form, prepare at least 3 types of photos- headshot, half body shot and full length shot.  Do not have far too dramatic makeup for the photoshoot cos judges want to see your natural beauty more.

Prepare a folder, with all your achievements, esp anything related to charity work which will gain a lot of brownie points.  Think about what make you stand out amongst the rest.

Practise your walk and perfect your poses in those shoes which you intend to wear during the recruitment exercise.

These are the most basic tips which all aspiring beauty contestants must know but the question to ask yourself is:


How do you achieve this dream?

To win the crown...

To represent Singapore...

To be in the newspapers...

To carry out your platform...

Sign up for my Ultimate Beauty Pageant Training Camp to get first hand information, tips and secrets to becoming a winner and realise this once in a lifetime dream!

Do not wait till the last minute... prepare well beforehand if you are planning to take part in any pageants. 

For enquiries, drop me an email at


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yet another coverage for Elaine Heng Image Consultancy but this time round in Sin Ming Papers.  The reporter, Xin Ying, contacted on around 10 plus 11 yesterday to asked me about my comments on what a Singaporean blogger wrote regarding Singaporean being rude and kurt in terms of mannerism.  The newspaper report came out immediately yesterday night.  Wow.... I am impressed with how fast the people in SPH work.

The surprising part was that Sin Ming Papers published a picture of me.  I didn't expect them to do that as I only told Xin Ying my chinese name.  I think they managed to pull out a picture of me in my crown from their database as two years back, the Papers reported an article on my win, so they had that picture already.

I'm looking forward to another coverage in NuYou Magazine Sept issue next!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Many thanks to Today newspaper reporter, Lynette, for giving me a coverage in Weekend Today Pg T13 under SHOP section last Sat, 17 Jul 2010!  I was very surprised that the media coverage is almost a full page and this also equates to free advertising for my company.  Because of this coverage, new clients have called up to enquire about the services Elaine Heng Image Consultancy provides. 

There was an even bigger surprise.  The Advertising and Communications Manager of Rolex, Mr Eugene Wong, sent me an email today, saying that he saw the media coverage whereby I mentioned in my interview that my Rolex watch is the best purchase I have ever made and that they are honoured and very pleased when they read the papers. 

Because of this, he would like to send me a token of appreciation and also an invite to their Annual Golf Day on 5 Aug 2010.

Wow...I'm totally impressed with Mr Wong for taking the effort to check out my company's website to get my contact details and drop me an email.  I am also amazed by the way Rolex make their customers feel great and well taken care of!  Now, this is what I call building long lasting customer relationship and I am tempted to buy another Rolex watch again!

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Ms Elaine Heng, Founder and Master Trainer of Elaine Heng Image Consultancy, is proud to be awarded ‘2010 Successful Entrepreneur’ by Singapore Today on 25 May 2010.  She attributed her award to the fact that the company is very involved in many government projects, especially in 2010.

I was pleasantly surprised with the award as the company is still considered pretty young compared to established local companies.  I'm very elated to be able to receive this award as this is an affirmation that the company is doing well and our trainers are performing wonderfully. I started out as a one man show focusing on training only but now the company has grown to 3 divisions, namely Training & Consultancy, Modelling Agency and iShop.

Under Training & Consultancy Division, currently we have about 6 associate trainers and 9 trainer assistants and I have been receiving enquiries from people who are keen to join me.  A lot of people think that working as a image trainer is all about glamour and looking pretty but they do not see the hardwork and late nights we had to put in to ensure client satisfaction.  As a trainer, one needs to be engaging, daring enough to do presentations in front of large group of audience and be able to customise and deliver the content. 

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Does putting down the phone after a person says "Hello" counted as a nuisance call?  The caller number is blocked.  Anyways, I think I better document this down too.  Just one more call before I can make a police report.... Yeah!
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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

See who is between the 2 cushions?

Can't wait to spend more time with him and Daddy tmr!
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Friday, July 02, 2010

2 random pics taken using my iphone.  We took this in the Beancurd Shop a few shops away from my cousin , Aston's pet grooming shop in Sembawang.  Her shop is opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre, located in the rows of shophouses.  She always give me and my sister give discounts when we bring our babies there for grooming.

Daddy and his signature pose.
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