Monday, March 22, 2010

Freshkon Focus Group & Lunch in Ichiban Boshi on 20 Mar 2010

Was looking forward to the Freshkon focus group meeting.

On our way to Freshkon office, with Daddy as the driver.  He's in his fav. ferrai red jacket.

The location we were going...

My client moved over to this new location just a few years ago.

Love the new office...looks so spacious inside.  We were asked to test a total of 7 prototypes of contact lenses.  Couldn't take any pictures as it was confidential.  I like the brown ones the best.  Had to put it on and comment on the effects and give my opinions.  Hopefully, some of the suggestions will b taken up.

Daddy came and picked me up after the meeting and since it was raining heavily, we decided to have our lunch in Ichiban Boshi in Causeway Point.

While we were waiting for the server to pass us the menu, we took pics.

I like the big orange menu cos...

It goes very well with Daddy's jacket..hahaha!

Look at those pictures!

I can't believe that Daddy actually ordered a cup of hot green tea as he's more into cold drinks.

My ocha cup

How to hold the ocha cup

A pic together before lunch. Thank u waiter for helping us take this!

My lunch

Daddy's lunch

My Yummy Yummy..

Enjoying our lunch...the soup looks hot!

A random pic of Daddy's LV wallet which I bought for him last year... he was trying to capture the words but failed cos of the reflection.  Wow... pricing of LV increases over time.  My LV wallet bought 9 years ago cost S$500 back then, is going at S$700 now.  If I need to change wallet one day, I will still buy LV wallet, not becos of the brand but due to the fact that it is super lasting and if you think about dividing the cost over the years, it only cost S$55/year!

So daddy, pls take care of your wallet cos I expect you to use this for at least 10 years...hahahaha!

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