Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lunch cum Dinner in Velocity-Novena Sq on 16 Mar 2010

After meeting up with my client that day, Daddy came over to pick me up after his work.  Found him sitting in Harry's bar enjoying beer.
He's really handworking...reading The New Paper.  Think it is Jack Neo's news again.

Nope, that's not my beer.  I don't have a special liking for beer.  Prefers wine and champage more.

A kiss for Daddy since he came to pick me up after meeting.
Woah... his face is bigger than mine..hahaha!

Since Daddy couldn't decide on what to have, I made the decision.  Anyways, I'm the one paying, so he got to listen to me..hahaha!

The menu looks like Kong Fu Manual

The is how the restaurant look like.

This is how Daddy looks like when he is hungry..hahaha!

Our lunch cum dinner.

Don't really like such thick noodles.  Look at the length of it!

I prefer this type of noodle.

My favorite.....Xiao Long Baos!

Another favorite...almond jelly in cocktail syrup with fruits, nata de coco and aloe vera.

Trying to polish every single drop up!

Daddy feeling sleepy after meal.

Who ate the most? I think I did...yeah!
Time to pay money...

Can I don't pay??

Overall verdict... food is so so. Won't go back a second time.  Still prefer the fusion food in Desire Restaurant and Restaurant Ember.

Hold on... what is Daddy trying to capture?

hahaha... it is the heart-shaped diamond necklace from goldheart, which he bought for me as my birthday gift a few years back.  I love the shape cos it is not easy to find heart-shaped diamond.

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