Friday, March 12, 2010

Me and My Loves

Me and My Baby Love

Enzo or affectionally known as Zozo knows how to pose for the camera.  He was on magazines, newspapers and taxi advertisements before as a Mocca puppy! So proud of him.

Look at how he smiles at the camera!

He is trying to be the centre of attraction in this picture.  He loves to sit on Daddy's shoulders like a parrot, now he is doing the same to me as well...hahaha!

Me and My Big Fat Love


Bought this rolex watch on 12 Feb 2010, as a CNY present and also to reward myself for working so hard.  Always wanted one that has a date-adjust function and diamond pointers but couldn't decide on which design as there were watches that are totally in silver, rose gold or yellow gold band in the centre of the bracelet.  The sales person told me that the one with the gold band in the centre of the bracelet is too passe and those dirty old men will buy that model for their China girlfriends/mistresses... kekeke!  Was so tickled by what he said that I decided not to buy that.  Loved the rose gold one but he mentioned the resale value is not good, hence I settled for this one.


M growing in love with this watch more and more everyday.  Even my mom likes this watch very much.  I offered to get her the Cartier watch which i was eyeing as well but she refused... hahaha!  I told her about the rolex watch with the gold details in the centre of the bracelet and asked if she wanted that but she also said it is very old fashioned.  Okie, looks like my mum knows her stuff.  She said she likes the one with a blue clock face, with diamond pointers.


Didn't regret getting the one with the diamond pointers even though it was more expensive than the one which does not have.

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