Saturday, March 20, 2010

My New i-phone Super Bling Cover!

Received my super bling i-phone cover from Miss J of after I asked her to customise one for me.  Got it sent via registered mail as I was worried about it getting lost along the way.

It was wrapped thickly with bubble wrap to prevent any breakage.  Really happy to receive it.  It came with extra crystals in case any drops out.

It looks gorgeous against a white background.

Trying to camoflauge it against my purple velvety rug in the living room.

Pros of getting this cover:
1. I hv no time and patience to stick the crystals one by one, so might as well pay someone to do this.
2. I am not so creative when it comes to doing art & craft as all my creative brain cells were killed after finishing primary school..hahaha!
3. I can get someone to customise the design so it is unique...the only one in Singapore, based on my requirements.
4. Miss J included extra crystals in a separate small bag for me, just in case any drops out.

1. If I do the cover myself, maybe I can save a bit more.
2. Two crystals dropped out on the 1st day. Luckily Miss J has guaranteed that she will stick crystals back within 7 days, if any crystals get notti and decide to move around.
3. Got to be extra careful when I place the phone inside my handbag... must treat it with loving care now.

This was what I told Miss J over the email exchanges before she made the cover for me:-

Hi Miss J,

I understand from my friend that you customise iphone coverings and I am keen to get one from you. I have been to your website to take a look but I would like to customise something which is different from others.

My requirements are:-

a lot of blings, esp the sliver crystals, lesser pearls

crystals, embellishments and rhinestones' shape can be heart, over, teardrop or star shape but do not put anything that is square or rectangular shape

no roses at all but ribbons are fine

colour theme to be purple, no black embellishment

I think from what I see in your website, the design which I hope to do is quite similar to "Pretty in Pink, "Velvet Bling" without the roses and "Pur-pur Blings". The idea is to do something really chic and very bling.

Can you quote me on the price of this casing that I want, together with postage?
Initially she quoted me S$38 but I told her that it is too expensive and I did some adjustments to my expectation and told her she can add in some pearls to lower the cost.  Didn't want any roses at all cos  think sooner or later, they will drop off cos of my forever full bag.  Her pink designs were sweet but not suitable for me cos I meet clients and may not look professional. 

Her final quote was S$32 and I added S$2.50 for registered mail.  She took a while to send the completed project to me as she run out of the clear i-phone casing.  I don't mind waiting as I was using this.  See below...

No... I didn't buy this.  I got this cos of a very helpful counter staff in tampines starhub outlet.  I bought the i-phone from him and when he saw me put my nude i-phone into my handbag, he stopped me immediately and said that the back of my i-phone have scratches soon without any cover.  Then he opened his drawer and gave me this cover to use temporarily.  I was so thankful for this!!!

Mr I is all dressed up now... looking stylo milo...hahahaha!

Again, lots of hugs and kisses to Selina who introduced me to this blogshop!  Funny thing was I was already sourcing for the i-phone cover way before I bought Mr I.  Saw her facebook status and asked her where to get one cos I have seen what they sell outside but all not to my liking.

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