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[Media Invite/Lifestyle Review] 22nd Emirates Singapore Derby 2017 on 9 Jul 2017

Where can you find excitement, sports, class, glamour, food and drinks all rolled into one, in Singapore?  If you are not sure, then this is definitely a blog post you shouldn't miss.  ;)

Even though this was not the first time I was invited to attend Emirates Singapore Derby as an influencer but every year in July, I would look forward to visiting Singapore Turf Club for a day of prestige and glamour at the Emirates Singapore Derby.  

Anyways, do read my earlier blog post on my experience at Emirates Singapore Derby 2016, to understand why I can't wait to attend it every year. :)

Being one of the most esteemed events on the Singapore racing calendar, the 22nd edition of the Emirates Singapore Derby was attended by ladies all dressed to impress by donning their hats and fascinators, while gentlemen turned up in their well fitted attires looking sharp and well groomed.

I decided on an interesting red bandage dress with the strips flowing down at the hemline and matched it with a white fascinator.  Coincidentally these are the official colours for Emirates Singapore Derby.

The sky seemed a little bit dark earlier that day but luckily it didn't rain.  I guessed it was also a good thing that it wasn't too hot that day so that all of us could catch the races comfortably.

Everyone who attended this distinguished event were given a tag before being allowed to take the coach from the Singapore Turf Club Taxi Stand to go into the Marquee Singapore Racecourse.  As the coach reached our destination, my heart felt the excitement building up.  The long-established partnership between Singapore Turf Club (STC) and Emirates has made Emirates Singapore Derby a coveted racing event in the region as well as a prominent social event. 

The Derby Marquee  package was priced at $128 nett per person for those who wished to celebrate the day in style.  Each package holder was treated to a wonderful appetising lunch buffet spread, completed with free flow of beverages.  However, I felt the best part about getting a package was that you could get a vantage spot with views of the adrenaline-charged action right after the home turn at the Marquee.  How mind-blowing was that!

Ok, before I take you to the horse-racing scene, let me filled your stomach first with some photos of the delectable food which I had that day.

The moment you checked out the extensive buffet spread, first thing you noticed was the 'live' station where Rosemarie Angus Striploin with Herb Jus were sliced and served.

Salads, soups, mains, desserts and fruit and not to mentioned, free flow of drinks, like red and white wines, soft drinks and juices were available too.

Besides having a feast for our stomaches, we were also treated to a feast for the eyes, with the Best Dressed Competition.  Contestants comprised of participants voted by the audience and they were asked to walked down the red carpet to showcase their fashion style.

The rest of the audience had the chance to be part of the action by voting for the lady whom they felt best deserved the title of "Best Dressed".

 I voted for this gorgeous lady and she won... yeah!

Another reason why I love going to Emirates Singapore Derby was catching up with friends.  This was one of those times where I could rest and relax and forget every worries about work.

A group photo with all the influencers invited was definitely a must.  Everyone was dressed to the nines for this esteemed event.

Singapore Turf Club is filled with instagrammable spots such that most photos you take would look great.  Just look at the open field and sky.  Seriously, you don't need to be a professional photographer.  Just visit Singapore Turf Club and tada, your photos will turn out amazing... hahaha!

The only place I tried avoided taking photos was the red carpet cos I was worried that I might just blend in with the colour and be 'camouflaged' there... hahaha!

 While the horses were getting ready for the next race, I went back to the Marquee to catch the Emirates Singapore Derby Fashion Show and enjoy some desserts too.

 Models dressed in the finest apparels matched with eye-catching fascinators did a catwalk down the red carpet, providing the guests ideas on how to dress for the next Emirates Singapore Derby in 2018.

To match the exhilarating action of the thoroughbreds vying for the $1.15 million prize money, guests could also partake in the excitement by guessing the winning horses for each race and take part in a draw if we guessed correctly.

Before every race, the jockeys would have to ride the horses around the field to warm themselves up.  At the same time, the horses got to do some light warming up exercises before the actual race.  Well, I guessed it is similar to how we as human beings, will warm up before any strenuous exercises so that we do not hurt ourselves during the actual sports.

 Boy, I was so glad to get a good spot to catch the race amidst the crowd who gathered swiftly before the start of every race.

Emirates has been in partnership with the Singapore Turf Club for the Emirates Singapore Derby for 22 years and throughout every edition, the Emirates Singapore Derby had always proved to be highly-anticipated social and sporting event in the Singapore horse-racing calendar, showcasing an exciting combination of glamour, fashion and signature hospitality.

See how trigger happy I was when i saw the horses racing down the tracks!  I couldn't help but keep snapping my camera away.

That feeling of seeing the horses galloping down the race track was so hard to explain.  You need to be there to experience that feverish thrill!

The crowd cheered for their favourite horses as the jockeys rode past.  It was extremely contagious as everyone watched intensely and shouted the horses' numbers.

After the results were announced, the crowd went back to the Marquee to continue eating the buffet and enjoyed the songs performance.

As the crowd started to thin down, I took the opportunity to take some photos against the amazing sky.

Ok, since I could not get a chance to get up close and personal with the real horses, I would have to make do with this extremely colourful and adorable real size horse figurine... hahaha!

I must say, this was so super cute!  Wished it was a real horse though.  It would be so spectacular!

Another highlight of this impressive event was the special appearance of the finalists of the Miss Singapore International 2017 pageant.  And guessed what... I know the organisers as they were my personal friends too.  It was so joyful to be able to see them there!

The organisers arranged the past year Beauty Queens from the Miss Singapore International 2016 to take photos with me... how lucky was I to be sandwiched between three beautiful ladies.

I also had the chance to take some photos with the finalists of Miss Singapore International 2017 as well.  Gosh, I felt so old standing next to all these young ladies who would be vying for the coveted crown this year.

After filling up our stomaches with lots of food and drinks, Singapore Turf Club representatives took us on a tour to Level 1 The Grandstand.

That's where you get to immerse in the excitement of horse racing just next to the racetrack and get to choose from either or both air-conditioned and non air-conditioned areas.

After watching Race 8, we proceeded into the horse parade ring to check out the horses that would be participating in Race 9, Emirate Singapore Derby (SG1).  With a winning stake of S$1,150,000, I was very certain this was the race that everyone was looking forward to.

We couldn't go near to the horses hence photos need to be taken at a distance with the horses in the background.  But still, it was a great photo opportunity.

Some of us were discussing if we should look at the legs or the back of the horses to determine if it was a good runner.  Hhmmm... what do you think?

I guessed there would be other factors involved as well, for example, the jockey's skills, the horse's mood, the weather, the racetrack conditions etc.  Hence it was really hard to tell which horse will be the winner.

And by the way, let you in to this little secret... This was the winning horse... woohoo!  I managed to take a photo of it without knowing that it would win Race 9.

Again, the influencers took another group photo at this iconic horse parade ring where most people would not get a chance to be there unless you are horse owners or jockeys.

Lo and behold, I bumped into a friend Manoel Nunes, who was one of the jockeys taking part in Race 9.  Of course I wouldn't miss this opportunity to take a photo with him before the race and wished him the best of luck.

And guess what... my friend won the Emirates Singapore Derby Race 9!  OMG... I was so happy for him! And thank goodness I managed to take a photo with him before the actual race cos he was swamped by reporters who wanted to interview him and the mandatory photo taking sessions with all the stakeholders.

He must be above the moon after winning the title.

Singapore Turf Club was kind enough to organise an on-site contest exclusively for invited influencers, where we got to win a bottle of champagne and an exclusive horseshoe if we were selected as one of the best dressed and I was one of them... yeah!

Besides the champagne and horseshoe, an exclusive Emirates Cap and Bear were also included in each Marquee Package for guests to bring home as mementoes of their Derby adventure.

Overall, it was yet another mind blowing and exhilarating event filled with wonderful memories that no one should miss it.  If you did, please keep a look out for Emirates Singapore Derby 2018 and make sure you book the Derby Marquee Package way in advance from Singapore Turf Club before it is sold out.

Can't wait for Emirates Singapore Derby 2018 to come soon... how about you?

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