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[Media Invite/Lifestyle Review]St. Gregory spa

After two weeks of hectic filming for online commercials, work and attending events, it was finally time to set aside some pampering rituals.

Here I was at Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore's award-winning St. Gregory spa to enjoy two of their refreshing packages for massage and facial, that blend the rejuvenating light therapeutic Swedish and eastern techniques with products rich in nature's active ingredients such as minerals and nutrients.

As I filled up a customer form, the staff goes through with you on what to expect from the massage and facial.  She also passed me a locker key if I wished to keep my stuff in the locker while having the massage and facial.

Love the kind gesture of being offered a cup of tea while sitting at the reception table!

I also had the chance of touring around the floor where St. Gregory spa was located to take a look at the swimming pool and gym, which are opened to hotel guests.

If I had brought along my swimming costume, I would like plunge into the water right away as the weather was so hot that day.

The gym looks very comprehensive with the variety of gym equipment available for hotel guests to use.

I also had the chance to take a peek at the sauna room, which is big and cozy with appropriate warm lighting so that guests could relax inside.

Take a look at the indoor jacuzzi too!  I was so tempted to jump in to soak all my tensions away.

The treatment rooms in St.Gregory spa are all named after things related to nature and the sea.  The treatment room which I used for the therapies is actually a couple's room, called Algo.

This room is amazing! This treatment room is amazing!  It overlooks the outdoor swimming pool allowing you a refreshing view of the outdoors, yet privacy is well ensured within the treatment room, as guests from the outside, will not be privy to all that goes on within the treatment room!

This is also the only room that comes with a bathtub where you can have a soak first before the massage or facial.

There is another couple's room called Ocean.  It is just as nice and spacious except that it doesn't come with a bathtub.

There are a total of 3 single rooms to choose from and again, I had the luck of peeking into all three rooms.

I love the fact that even for the single rooms, they were extremely spacious.

Review of  90-minute Aromatic Body Bliss Massage and 30-minute Milk Bath

I waited in anticipation while the therapist prepared the milk bath so that I could get a good soak first.

I changed out of my clothes into the bathrobe while waiting for the milk bath to be ready.

The therapist used high quality products from Elemis for the milk bath.

Ok, time for a good soak!  The milk bath helped to soften the skin while making it smooth to the touch.  The milk bath was so comfortable that I almost fell asleep inside the bath tub.

The therapist mentioned that I should not rinse or shower after the soak so that the ingredients from the Elemis product can be better absorbed by the skin.  After the 30-minute milk bath, I proceeded to have my 90-minute Aromatic Body Bliss massage.

I started off facing down and the therapist worked on my back and shoulder, before moving down my body.

As the therapist kneaded my tight muscles and tired joints,  I felt myself drifting into LaLa land.

The massage provided total relaxation and relieved the stress in different parts of my body.  The therapist used different strokes for different parts of my body and she focused on my shoulders a bit more as I always felt a lot of tension there.

After she finished massaging the back of my body, I turned over and she worked her way back up my body, my hands and finally my neck and shoulders.

I wished the whole massage session would last forever as it was super relaxing and comfortable.

Review of 60-Minute Session of Thali White Facial and 15 minute Oxygen Infusion Treatment 

After the first therapist completed the massage session, I was joined by another therapist who specializes in facial therapies.

I proceeded to enjoy a Thali White Facial, which is about 60 minutes, before a 15-minute session of Oxygen Infusion Treatment.

The therapist started off by cleansing my face with Thali White cleansing milk.

After which the cleansing milk was removed using warm hand towel gloves.

Thereafter, the therapist proceeded with the next step for the facial.  She applied Thali White enzymatic peel to remove my dead skin cells to smoothen and brighten my skin.

After a few minutes, the peel was removed, so that the skin would be ready for the next step.

She did a massage for me but this time round, it was a facial massage.  It was very relaxing indeed.

Afterwhich, the excess massage cream was removed using warm hand towel gloves.

The skin looked visibly brilliant indeed!

The next few steps involved applying Vitamin C serum, before applying a mask to soothe the face.

As the facial mask needed to be left on for about 10 minutes, a lavender eye mask was placed over my eyes as I drifted into my my sleep mode again... hahaha!

After the facial mask was cleansed, it was time for the oxygen inclusion treatment.  It felt like a constant blowing of gentle winds on my face... no pain at all.

These were the products used for the Thali White Facial Treatment, which can be bought at the spa itself. Loved that there’s a special savings of 20% to 25% on these products!

After the facial, I felt totally refreshed.  Darn... I should have come to St. Gregory spa much earlier, if I had known the spa offers such great massage and facial therapies!

For those who are interested in enjoying the same massage and facial treatment therapies like I did, St. Gregory spa is offering the following:

St. Gregory Luxe Experience package SGD840 from 10 April to 31 December 2017
Created to provide a total balance of mind and body, St. Gregory Luxe Experience package combines traditional touches of the east and west through its therapeutic massages and skin nourishing products to bring about a unique spa experience of scents and sensations.  The package includes five sessions of 90-minute Aromatic Body Bliss Massage and a complimentary 30-minute milk bath, worth $100.

Glow Facial Experience package SGD700 from 10 April to 31 December 2017
Glow Facial Package is a luxurious combination of four 60-minute sessions of Thali White Facial, and four 15-minute Oxygen Infusion treatments, worth $100, extended with compliments from St. Gregory Spa.

Attractive Savings for Package Holders
Both packages offer attractive savings for package holders beginning with 30% savings on all à la carte treatments, in addition to enjoying between 20% to 25% savings on Elemis and Thalion products that are rich in anti-oxidants, omegas, vitamins and minerals.

Lifestyle Passes
For a complete wellbeing experience, a Lifestyle Pass, worth $240, offering full access to the sauna, jaccuzi, fitness centre, mineral water pool, at Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore’s Wellness Centre will be extended, before and after treatments, with compliments. 

With the Great Singapore Sale just round the corner, I believe it starts on 9 June, St. Gregory spa is offering an absolutely fabulous deal with its $100 spa voucher with a spend of $100 on any of its à la carte therapies, including facials.  Be sure to download the GoSpree app (which I heard is launching on 9 June) to enjoy this great offer!

St.Gregory spa is located on Level 4 of Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore.  I strongly encourage everyone to visit St.Gregory Spa to try their wonderful massage and facial services, just like I did. 

Address: Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore - St. Gregory spa
10 Claymore Road

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