Sunday, April 03, 2016

Advertorial: Review of Mucota Moisturising 3 Steps Hair Treatment at Kenjo Salon on 22 Mar 2016

It has been a while since I last trimmed my hair hence I decided to make an appointed with my hair sponsor, Kenjo Salon, to snip off some length.

When I was there, the founder of Kenjo Salon, Joseph, suggested for me to do Mucota Moisturising 3 Steps Hair Treatment since the last time I did this treatment was on 3 Jan 2016.

You can read my previous review on this treatment at

The steps are still the same and we proceeded with the washing of hair to remove any oil and dust.  I love the fact that the hair assistant took great care to shampoo and rinse my hair.  I could just close my eyes and relax.

We started off with Step A which was applying Mucota Scena Adel to make my hair soft and moist, before steaming process.

I had this interesting structure which was a hair steamer over my head for about 20 mins to apply Adel to penetrate into my hair.

After  which, my hair was washed before Step B, which was application of Mucota Scena Brava, another step to condition my hair.

Brava was sprayed onto my hair meticulously by the hair assistant to ensure that the hair was coated with the moisturising agent.

After Mucota Scena Brava was sprayed onto the hair, the hair assistant proceeded to apply Mucota Scena Calore.  This was to protect and smooth my hair cuticles.

After Brava and Calore was applied, the hair steamer was placed on my head again to steam my hair.

 After a good 20 mins or so, my hair was washed, before my wonderful pretty hairstylist, Soo Bin, proceeded to trim my hair.

Do you want to try Mucota Moisturising 3 Steps Hair Treatment at Kenjo Salon? Kenjo Salon is located at 68 Orchard Road, #04-72, Plaza Singapura (New Wing).

Check out Kenjo Salon's website at for more details on the services it provides.You can also follow them at the facebook page살롱-293791920773570/.  The salon also has an instagram account : kenjosalon, where you can see photos of hairstyles created by Kenjo Salon.

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I am in love with my softly layered hair that has a nice bounce and shine after the Mucota Moisturising 3 Steps Hair Treatment!  Do you want to try this treatment too?  Scroll down further to read about the promotions which Kenjo Salon is running for the month of April 2016.

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